You, Your Life, Your Work in 2017

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

Well, here we are with 2017 upon us!

I hope you have time today to reflect on the past year and all the blessings in your life. And, of course, look forward to the new year and contemplate what means the most to you and what you desire to expand.

Today’s note is one I send each year whose intention is to give you a different way to look at your desires for the new year and to make sure that you include an all important piece that often gets forgotten when you read about shifts and changes for the new year – YOU!

If you desire to experience change and shifts “out there”, rather than work to maneuver and change the vision and image you see “out there”, work on shifting your inner vision. Utilize the outer reflections to give you indications on what needs to shift on the inside and then the outer takes care of itself. In other words, work on shifting your own vibe and you easily and effortlessly attract what you desire.

Here are the areas to take inventory in:

You:  The all important YOU that often gets forgotten about when people discuss making changes in life. Realize that YOU are the source of your experience – and the decisions and commitments that you make in your experience cause your experience. So…as you head into the new year, ask yourself, who do I yearn to become as a person? What means the most to me in my life at this point in time? What do I stand for as a person?

Your Life:  Oftentimes, work aspirations come before life aspirations – or – you are forced to contour your life around your work because that’s just the way it is. Yet, I say focus on how you yearn for your life to look and then figure-out a way to have work serve that life. Small changes provide big results and it all starts with a vision. What do you want your life to look like? If you had the utmost freedom to form your life the way you’d love it to be, what would that look like? Would you work only a few days a week? Give thought to how you’d love your life to “look” and get as detailed as you possibly can. Be really selfish with your desires as they will only help you live your mission in the long run.

Your Work:  Speaking of your mission, have you given thought to you having one? You do have one and it’s yearning to get birthed through you each day. The challenge for most is their mission feels like something huge, lofty and overwhelming but I say no. Keep it simple. Your mission isn’t really to “do” anything but its about who you become. Our world will shift in more positive directions because of more positive vibes not more accomplishments. So the question remains, how do YOU as a person, who is happy with their life, want to contribute your gifts and talents to making this a more positive place for us all to live? Keep it simple ;)

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I’ll leave you with those thoughts to contemplate as you head into your new year! Wishing you a beautiful New Years!

I am looking forward to spending 2017 and beyond with you! Thanks for being part of the Claim Your Worth!® community

Happy New Year!

Brenda xo.


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