You Have What It Takes

Posted on Sep 20, 2012 | by Brenda Stanton

“You’ve been given the perfect life to teach what you most need to learn. The greatest teachers are given the greatest challenges. Accept that your life will never be perfect but the circumstances are perfect for you to continually evolve yourself while you continually help to evolve others. ~Me :)

As I discussed in last week’s Note Worthy, the recent Creative Life/Business Retreat that I taught was transformative, not only for the women attending, but for me as well.

I explained to the gals in attendance that I’ve been facing my own resistance around certain areas of life- especially when it comes to the work that I do.

I’ve known for quite some time that a deeper level of sharing is required to help teach these concepts and help others know they aren’t alone on the journey of claiming your worth in all areas of your life.

And, as it has always been so in my case, my life has been perfectly designed to continually learn and challenge myself within the area of self-worth – and – as I’m learning first-hand, the “Worth Work” never ends.

As I explained to the gals at the retreat, the resistance I’ve been facing lately is around my own self-doubt, and wondering if I’m really “qualified” to continue to be of integrity with the teachings – as my own life has felt very much like a Jerry Springer episode lately!

As a result, I’ve been struggling with the same challenges that we all do from time-to-time – feeling like a fraud, worrying about what others think, and making some
“stupid mistakes” when I know much better what to do.

Yet, deep down in my heart I know that God has given me – and will continue to give me – the perfect life circumstances (and people!) to be an absolute expert in the area of self-worth. That is for sure and that is the point of being given all the challenges – to learn from and to teach authentically from them.

What we all must know is – to be of integrity with the work you’re called to do, you first must learn and live what you’re meant to teach – and that process will never end. This is what makes the work so rich, valuable and powerful – it comes from first-hand life experience – not something that was read out of a textbook.

I write this today to let you know that when it comes to you – and your own journey with moving forward – and what you feel called to “do” – know that if you’ve ever felt that you didn’t have the credibility or the qualifications to do what you yearn to do – or teach something that you feel called to teach – that you do have what it takes and you have everything you need from the experience of your life to do it!

Check-out the Worthy Work below where I share some more insights around with you to help you realize that on the journey of life, the only person you should deem as having the answers, having it all together, and knowing the way to go is your Higher Self – and you finding a teacher who can connect you with this part, is your goal.


To Your Worth!



When making the decision to follow your heart and your life’s calling, consider these points and know that you truly do have what it takes – it’s up to you to know it, believe it and act on it. These areas will help you on your path:

1.Your life circumstances and soul-agreements: know what the script of your life is set-up perfect for you – your past, present and future and all aligned to help evolve you and the others in your life. Consider that you’ve made agreements to learn certain lessons and teach certain things. Often we never would have consciously agreed to some of the challenges that we face, but looking at it from a deeper, more spiritually optimistic view, you will feel more peaceful and accepting – which is invaluable and much better than feeling bitter and as if you’ve caused your own pain.

2.The teachers you choose: any teacher or guide on the path that makes it seem as if they have all the answers or their life is “perfect”, is most likely not someone that you want guiding you. Consider that a “life coach” isn’t someone who has it all figured out but someone whose been given similar circumstances as you and can help you navigate, overcome and transform your life vs. trying to make it perfect. Be very choosy who you hire to help you and make sure they can connect you with your inner wisdom, not theirs.

3.The journey & evolution never end: knowing this provides a tremendous amount of peace – especially when you know you’re being called into the work of helping others. You need content to teach from, and to evolve your own soul. Accept it and embrace this as it gives you a tremendous amount of freedom. You will make “mistakes”, you will take wrong turns, but you’ll discover that they are all there for a higher purpose and you begin to see the mystery and the magic that your life truly is.

This week give thought to where you’re resisting moving forward on a long-lost dream, and how you may not feel qualified to do the work that your heart is calling you to do. Then, read this article again and get to work – the world needs what you have to share and teach!


To Your Worth!

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