You aren’t who you think you are.

Posted on Aug 14, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

“I am not who you think I am; I am not who I think I am; I am who I think you think I am ” ~Thomas Cooley

When you commit to deep work within yourself – and are courageous enough to go deep – you discover the Truth about yourself and who you really are.littlegirlpink

What I mean by this is – there is a you that you formed long ago – a you that you *thought* would be acceptable to those around you – those that you wanted approval and acceptance from.

A you that wouldn’t ruffle feathers. A you who wouldn’t shine too bright and certainly wouldn’t outshine others.

No, your main M/O was to become who you *thought* others wan
ted you to BE.

At the time, you probably *thought*, “I’ll only need to wear this mask for a little while – just to get through this experience”. But then, unconsciously, you forgot that you put the mask on – and in turn, thought you were who you *thought* you were.

What I mean by *thought* you were/are is – our heads think up all sorts of things to make sense of what is happening. You may have heard the term; we’re meaning making machines. Yes, very true.

So, if you consider that who you *thought* you were/are isn’t who you really are, then who are you and who are you hiding from the world and most importantly, yourself?

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You’ll know that you’re hiding when you feel discontent. When you feel like there has to be something MORE to life than this.

You’ll know that you’re hiding when you know deep within that you’re meant to walk a different path -a more authentic path where you may be in a different relationship, different work, or a different locale.

Whatever it is – your soul knows the way – but you’ve been too busy believing your thoughts to really listen.

Here’s the thing – your soul speaks to you in silence. How can this be? How can anything be spoken in silence? How can you hear anything if it’s complete silence?

In silence you hear the TRUTH through knowing. You know who you really are and where you’re meant to go.

In silence you know deep within who you are – and you feel at complete peace.

Notice I didn’t say – you feel good or you feel worthy, or you feel positive, or you feel abundant. Nope, you just KNOW you’re at peace without needing anything outside of you to make you feel this way – not even a positive affirmation!

See, there was a time when you knew who you were – you knew deep within the REAL YOU who probably came into this world as a knower already.

You knew things and adults around you told you that you didn’t. These same adults were programmed with a belief that adults know, children don’t. And so, the legacy of disempowerment continued. Until now…

But, if you can give yourself the opportunity to get out of your head and stop listening and believing your thoughts about who you *think* you are , you’ll remember the Truth.

You’ll remember a free-spirited, courageous, confident open and uninhibited little child who was FREE before you began to wear a mask that you thought others would find more acceptable.

You don’t need a mask, you never did. You don’t need labels or identities – or job titles – or big bank accounts – to give you worth. You are worth, just as you are – nothing added.

Give yourself a great GIFT to get quiet and sit in the silence and I promise you the Truth without your thoughts will astound you.

You aren’t who you *think* you are – you’re far greater than your mind could ever make up.

Choose Truth and your life will fall into place.

Your soul never forgets who you are – and where you’re meant to go.

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