What Does Worth Have To Do With It?

Posted on Feb 9, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

What’s worth got to do , got to do with it? What’s worth but a second-hand emotion?

Okay, I couldn’t resist going into all-out Tina for a second, but seriously, worth has everything to do with “it”, and that “it”, is whatever you desire to experience, achieve and BE in your life.

Tina herself is a great example of a woman who eventually claimed her worth. And boy did she ever. When she decided that she was good enough, capable enough, talented enough, and strong enough to achieve success without the abusive Ike, she skyrocketed to success.

And that success has been on her own terms ever since.

It’s hard to believe that a strong, extraordinarily talented woman like Tina Turner would put up with abuse like she did all those years. Yet if we look for clues we can see how we all have that ability to be imprisoned by an abuser.

And most often, that abuser lives right inside of us.

Think about it. Ike was Tina’s inner critic – he was simply a physical representation and mirror for her that smacked her around reinforcing what she believed to be true about herself.

Most of us think, I’d never let anyone do that to me. But I’m going to challenge you on that – and challenge you to get really real with yourself and ask: How am I abusing myself? What part of me is telling me that I’m not capable enough to achieve what I say I want? And what part of me actually believes that voice and follows it’s guidance?

Do you know the difference between your Truth and your inner critic? Or do you think all of who you are is that inner critic voice?

At first glance it’s hard to imagine why Tina would stay with someone who beat her – and verbally abused her. And sure, we can tack it up to low self-esteem – but what’s more important to know here is: Ike was all Tina knew in terms of what she thought was love. He was her comfort zone. He was her security blanket in her mind. He was familiar – a mirror to her limiting story and past – he felt like home to her – it was all she knew.

How does that relate to you?

This relates to you in the fact that what you know in terms of your past, your limits, what you’ve achieved is simply your story, it’s not all of who you are. There is a whole world of potential that lives inside of you – that is waiting to be discovered.



Here’s some worth-work for this week: Take note of where you might be your own “Ike” to yourself. Notice how you’re speaking to yourself – and what that inner critic voice is telling you about your abilities to do what you desire personally and professionally.

Are you whacking yourself with your internal baseball bat and causing black and blue all over your heart and mind?

Then, think about what you’ve known most of your life. Have you known yourself to be capable of certain things but not other things?

Then, take the other things that you don’t feel capable of achieving and jot down WHY. Then, immediately when you go to use the words: “I can’t because….” STOP – and become aware of the fact that anything after the word “because” is your story.

Your story is your past. It most definitely has gifts that can be extracted, however it’s most definitely limiting and it’s not all of who you are.

Then, challenge yourself to switch around your wording and perspective to answer: I can because?


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