Trusting Your Life

Posted on Jan 18, 2012 | by Brenda Stanton

>“Without faith, hope and trust, there is no promise for the future, and without a promising future, life has no direction, no meaning and no justification.” ~Adlin Sinclair

Lately I’ve been seeing many folks being served curve balls in their life. – events and circumstances that are completely out of their control and are not only challenging, but are forcing them to have some serious Faith.

And the interesting thing about this is – we can’t really know the evolutionary plan for our lives. Sure, we can know where we need to grow, what we want to have, experience and do – but the plan for the evolution of our soul – well, that’s a different story.

In last week’s article, I wrote about the gift of discernment and how every situation, circumstance and person is in your life to evolve your soul.

And oftentimes, if the circumstances, people or events aren’t pleasant – or don’t seem to be what we expect – or we feel things *should* be different, the habit of going into self-blaming mode can rear it’s head.

So, when it comes to looking at your life and learning to trust it, no matter what it throws at you, the KEY is: looking at your life through a spiritually optimistic lens and realizing that you’re being prepared, you’re being led, you’re being guided to your highest plan.

Yet, sometimes, life hurts – it doesn’t always feel good – or feel like this is where you *should* be. So trusting life in the midst of an unexpected event, a challenging relationship, or an adversity that you didn’t plan for can be tough to endure – yet consider that it’s a great gift to your soul to endure it.

Check-out the Worthy Work below to help you learn to trust your life while you decipher what is your responsibility when it comes to what you have control over and can plan for, change and shift – and – what you don’t have control over and what is being planned for you for your own evolution and growth?


To Your Worth!



Imagine that your life is a movie and it is entitled: Your Life. There are actors and actresses in your film who’ve all been given specific scripts to assist you in becoming more aware in your life while evolving your soul.

To help bring this into practical terms, consider a situation in your life that is causing you some discomfort. Maybe it’s a person that is driving you crazy and pushing all your buttons. Or, maybe it’s a circumstance that is very challenging and you just can’t understand why it’s happening.

Now, ask yourself: How is this person or circumstance a gift to me?

At first, it will be difficult to answer the question – but force yourself to go deeper into the question. Find a private place, close your eyes, get quiet and then – ask the deepest part of you: How is this a GIFT? What is this here to teach me? How is this challenging circumstance (or relationship, etc.) in my best interest?

By doing this, you are 1) learning to go within for answers, 2) learning to trust the voice of your soul and your own inner guidance and 3) trusting that life and your soul know where to lead you – and who needs to be there to help you see your highest path.

The goal with this exercise is for you to begin to trust yourself and to trust life. We all have the habit of going outside to try fix things immediately vs. going within and asking our Highest Selves for the answers.

Give it a try – go within, bond with the highest part of you. Ask yourSELF for advice and guidance and clarity – and you’ll be astonished by the answers you receive and the realization of how much you are truly loved and supported by life. Trust it – it’s true.

Enjoy your grace-filled week!




To Your Worth!

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