Trusting Your Inner Self

Posted on Aug 16, 2012 | by Brenda Stanton

“Your value and worth is that you are a bearer of LIGHT that the world needs now more then ever. Others have always seen your tremendous power, glory and gifts, yet have you ever really owned and trusted that you’re in possession of them? You’re tried to “fit-in”, to be like everyone else, tried to ‘do’ things the standard, ordinary way. Yet accept the fact that you aren’t meant to fit into molds. You’re actually meant to break them.” ~My Wise Inner Voice ;)

I love to share the story of when I was on the ledge of quitting my corporate job to start my own coaching practice. I had just begun the journey of not only listening to my Wise, Inner Self, but actually following Her guidance.

One day as I sat at a red light, thinking about what to do next, I began with the whole “What If” vortex of thinking “What if this goes wrong, what if this happens, and what if this, that and the other thing happens?”

This pessimistic voice clearly wanted me to stay put at that red light and look for all the reasons why (and how) everything could go wrong and why I should just stay put in the ‘safety’ of my J.O.B.

Then, in the next moment, I heard a quiet, reassuring, compassionate, supportive voice whisper to me: “What if it all works out?”

Then the light turned green.

Hmmm, I thought to myself, “Where did that voice come from?”

After I finished looking in the rear view mirror to confirm that no one had hopped in my backseat, I thought, “Could that be a sign and the “green light” I’ve been looking for to just “Go for it?!?”

Well, fast forward many years later and clearly I decided to follow that ‘green light’ and that wise inner guidance – and ever since, she has never, ever steered me wrong.

This is not to say I haven’t been steered wrong, and had to make many U-Turns with so-called ‘mistakes’, but I realize that those decisions had more to do with me not trusting myself ‘enough’ and making a decision from a place of lack rather than abundance.

Trusting your Wise, Inner Self is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because She leads you to lofty places. She leads you into the light, not into the shadows. She wants you to experience, joy, peace, love and happiness – and a balanced life, not one where you’re working just to survive.

And She would be the first to whisper to you when she sees you stuck in a habit of false beliefs – urging you to see what you’re worth vs. believing you deserve anything less than the best in life and in your work.

So what is your inner, Wise Voice speaking to you in this moment? What is She pulsating in your heart that your soul is hungry for? More time to just be? Pursuit of a creative endeavor? A difficult conversation that must be had?

Your beautiful soul knows the answer – and once you make a decision, She will walk with you, holding your hand through all of it. You just need to do one thing. Trust Her. Trust Your Self.

Check-out the Worthy Work below for some starter steps to begin the process of connecting and allowing your Inner Self to guide you.


To Your Worth!



I encourage you to go into your week accessing which voice inside of you is guiding not only your thoughts but your actions.

Then, take a moment, or two, or 60! And ask your wise Inner Self, what is my soul hungry for? What are you starving to express in your lifetime?

Jot down the answer – and then, Trust that it’s right and true – and that your hand will be held as you courageously ACT!

Have a great week listening!


To Your Worth!

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