Trade Your Expectations for Appreciation & Miracles Unfold

Posted on Nov 6, 2017 | by Brenda Stanton

“ Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life becomes a miracle.”

Sharing another transformational video with this week from the one and only, Tony Robbins. In this short, 30-second video, watch how Tony gives you, what I feel like, is the SHIFT of a lifetime.

Click Here to watch the video:

Then, check-out the Worthy Work below for further contemplation about the wisdom Tony shares in his short, transformational message/video.



Imagine that – most of us get disappointed or feel unfulfilled because we focus on what isn’t there vs. everything that is. Consider these questions as you contemplate Tony’s message of appreciation vs. expectation:

Each day do you wake focusing on what isn’t there, what you haven’t accomplished yet in your life?

What if, you made it a habit to focus each day on what’s already abundant and “there” in your life – how do you think your life would change?

Give thought to what Tony says about – being consistently disappointed because we expect things and then get disappointed when they don’t happen vs. appreciating what’s already there. Have you fallen into this habit?

We all do this because we’ve been trained to do it. Do more, expect more, be better, etc. – but today let’s agree to change that modality and go for appreciating the abundance that’s already in your life – and truly, I believe what Tony says is true – your whole life does become a miracle!





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