The Truth About Law of Attraction

Posted on Jul 8, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

“Suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens.” ~Dan Millman

We’ve all heard the New Age terms: “Appreciate the now.”, “Be in the moment”.

Great advice but hard advice to implement right? Especially when you feel that the moment, the now, isn’t how it *should* be or look.

I believe we all have discontentment – and oftentimes that discontentment can be healthy- if it’s balanced.

How discontentment becomes unhealthy is when we aren’t appreciating the moments and what is – now. As the quote above insinuates – suffering is thinking that life should look different than how it ‘is’.

Of course this is a control thing – feeling as if you need to control your outcomes, your life to look a certain way.

And this is the real crux of it all – believing that you are totally responsible for your life situation, circumstances and results.

Being a spiritual seeker, you’ve most likely run into the law of attraction on pretty much everything you’ve read. “What you think about you bring about.” “Like attracts like.” Etc. All true – the law of attraction is a Universal law.

Yet, what doesn’t get talked about or taught that often is – your soul has a path. Your soul has lessons it needs to learn in this lifetime. Your soul agreed for you to have certain experiences, meet certain people, go through very specific challenges, and grow and evolve as a result.

Yet, where the pain and the suffering comes in is viewing this through the lens of strictly believing: “This is the law of attraction at work and I must be doing something wrong because I *attracted* this into my life!”

Can you relate?

If so, check-out the Worthy Work below which I hope provides some relief to believing that you are totally responsible for how your life *should* look and turn out vs. seeing and believing that your soul is guiding you to your highest good if you agree to look at it from that perspective.


To Your Worth!



I believe many people *use* the law of attraction to become uber controllers vs. realizing the law of attraction is at work to evolve your life and attract in what you need vs. always what you want. If you could use some relief from feeling totally responsible for all that you *attract* and would love to realize how what you attract is part of your soul’s evolution then consider these points:

Who Is In Your Life: Whoever is in your life – especially those closest to you – are in your life because your soul agreed to have them there. Even those people not closest to you – that are in the peripheral of your life…your soul agreed to have them in your life to show you things and teach you lessons. This isn’t always an easy concept to accept, especially when certain people prove to be difficult. You do have choices to who you keep in your life – and who you keep out – check-out this amazing sermon by Joel Osteen on how important the RIGHT people are to have in your life – it’s well worth the half-hour especially when you hear him say things like: Your destiny is too big to get there on your own

What Is In Your Life: Believe it or not, your circumstances are perfect. Yep, right where you are right now is right where you need to be. Sure, you can absolutely change what needs to be change, but the key is – knowing what you have the power to change and what you do not. I always say that the Serenity Prayer – “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage the change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – really is the KEY to life. Asking for guidance on what you can control/change and wisdom on what you can’t is truly the way to peace. Keep this prayer in your back pocket and it will serve you well.

When Is The Right Time Is: Wanting things to turn out in your time is totally normal but often frustrating. Realizing that Divine Timing is the best bet for things turning out in your best interest is a hard lesson to learn – especially when you have trust issues with God/The Universe. Have you ever thought of that? Having Trust Issues with the Universe? Consider it. This is the biggest crux for most and once again, something that doesn’t get talked about or taught about enough. How can the law of attraction truly work in your life when you don’t trust the Source of the attraction? Interesting thing to contemplate going into your week.

Realizing that you are right where you need to be and everything is alright and All Right hopefully brings a smile to your face and joy in your heart. Your job now is to embrace the now, allow your heart to open and work to help others to open their hearts too. Isn’t that the real law of attraction anyways – to love and be loved in return? I think so ;)




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