The Power Of A Vision

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 | by Brenda Stanton

>”Having a vision for your life allows you to live out of hope, rather than out of your fears.” ~ Stedman Graham

Lately I’ve been finding myself talking more and more about the fact that having clarity on what it is that you really, really want, is extremely underrated.

It’s interesting to see the resistance that crops up when I encourage clients to start with the end in mind – to step back, take some time out, and get clear on what it is that they would really like to see happen – BEFORE we begin to put the action pieces in place.

At first glance, I used to think that the resistance that folks have to the visioning process had to do with them just wanting to get started with the action pieces because they value feeling productive above anything else.

And even though the need to feel productive still tends to trump the creative process of visioning, I’ve found another reason folks resist the visioning process – and this reason boils down to plain ol’ FEAR & Self-Doubt

Believe it or not, having a vision for things to be different – and then, committing to taking action against that vision, is something that – to your subconscious mind – feels scarier than staying with the same ol’, same ol’.

The reason for this fear of change, is because your subconscious mind is programmed to “protect” you against harm – and when you go to make changes – even if they’re positive – your subconscious mind will do everything in it’s power to “protect” you from any sort of change.

This is why visioning and thinking with the end in mind is so powerful and effective, yet something that many resist without knowing why.

When you think with the end in mind and gain clarity on what you’d love your life to look like – in all areas – home & surroundings, financial, overall well-being, relationships, career, spiritual, physical health – you send a powerful message to the Universe that you know what you desire and are will do what it takes to make it happen. There is nothing more powerful than this.

If you’re ready to embrace the power of visioning and begin by thinking with the end in mind, check-out the Worthy Work below for some tips on how-to get started.


To Your Worth!



There is a term that I absolutely love that really captures the process of the Power of Visioning which is: Marrying Intention with Action Makes Miracles Happen. Below are some steps to help you begin to imagine your future – and to tune-in to your heart desires for what you dream of experiencing in the future.

Step 1: Grab a journal, a notebook, or just some plain ol’ white paper and a pretty pen and find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Then, close your eyes and take some deep breaths and allow yourself to get calm and relaxed. With your eyes closed begin to imagine a favorite place you LOVE to go to think, dream and get immense clarity – then imagine being there – dreaming about your future.

Step 2: As you’re sitting there, with your eyes closed, take your hand and put it over your heart and ask your heart: What do you dream of having and experiencing in the future? What new experiences, people, adventures, etc. do you yearn to go on? What fun do you dream of having? What type of work do you dream of doing? Who do you long to bring into your life?

Step 3: After your heart begins to spill-out answers – open your eyes and begin to write down what your heart is telling you.

Step 4: If you face any type of resistance to writing it down, then here is a great tool to use to take any pressure off yourself – or worrying about “how” any of this will manifest. Use this sentence stem with everything that you write and it should alleviate any blockages:

Imagine if I could…

Imagine if life could look like this…

Imagine if my relationships could…

Imagine if I could have fun doing…

Imagine if I could work this way…

Imagine if I could wake-up each day feeling like…

Imagine if I could live here and travel there…

You get the point. The whole purpose of this exercise is to take any pressure off of feeling like you need to know exactly – or blocking you from believing things could be any different than they are today.

The point is for you to feel relaxed, joyful and to have FUN with it – and to not worry about how or when your vision or dreams could come true – just having fun in saying – what if they could…

Have fun with this exercise and your week full of imagining your future!


To Your Worth!

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