The Comparision Trap

Posted on Jun 1, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” ~Unknown

Ahhh, the ol’ comparison trap. I’m sure that you’ve fallen prey to comparing yourself to others from time and time and it kicking up a whole slew of ‘not enough beliefs’ whether personally or professionally.

If there is one thing that is like quicksand to confidence, and an overall sense of worthiness, it is comparison. A belief that what you have isn’t enough – or who you are isn’t enough. And what sparks the ‘not enough’ belief into full-blown effect is looking around at everyone else and what they have, or are doing, and thinking – I’m not enough.

Can you relate?

When it comes to comparison, there are many examples of not feeling like ‘enough’ – whether it’s what you perceive your neighbors to have that you don’t, or what you see others accomplishing in work and you feel like you’re falling behind or not getting ahead.

Where I see the cycle of comparison to be so prevalent is with women pursuing their creative passions. Passions that draw them to the spotlight to be more of service to others, to be seen as a leader, and to especially share their talents, skills and gifts with uber confidence.

On the path to this awakening of emergence of authentically serving others, what happens are a whole slew of false beliefs get kicked up about feeling like ‘enough’ – and many folks unconsciously seek out evidence to support these false beliefs.

Whatever it is that they are comparing themselves to – they are seeking, searching for ‘proof’ to prove that false belief of: “I’m not enough” right.

So how do you begin to climb out of the perpetual cycle of doom and the trap of comparison quicksand?

The first step begins with realizing the Truth that any comparison to what someone else has, or is doing better than you, is a direct insult to yourself, your soul, and the Source that put you here.

What if you’re right where you need to be right now? What if exactly what is happening is what is meant to be happening? And what if, as a result of you accepting that, you begin to move closer towards your destiny?

I encourage you to contemplate these Truths and to begin to end the cycle of comparison and begin a new one. Begin a cycle that is full of self-acceptance – and then watch what happens!

Check-out the Worthy Work below for some practical application to this.



This week take notice of where you’re comparing yourself to others and reinforcing a false belief that you’re ‘not enough’. Then, consider making a commitment to break the cycle of comparing and begin to relish what is absolutely fantastic about you and your life – and how you’re right where you need to be.

What will shift not only for you – but for the legacy you pass down to others – when you end this cycle with you?

Contemplate, take notice and begin to shift your focus to ‘all is perfect right now’ and watch what happens!

As always, have fun contemplating!


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