Success Stories


Andrea Lyons

“When I decided to work with Brenda, I was really struggling with the content and voice of my new business along with owning my ‘expert’ status. I was up against feelings of unworthiness and hiding behind the brand rather than being out there as an integral part of the brand.

Working with Brenda has been absolutely Divine. I really appreciated her process for clearly outlining and defining expectations for our work together. She provides clear and thoughtful communication during the whole process, including an audio of each coaching call.

Brenda’s key gift is her ability to listen carefully between the lines of what you’re saying and quickly communicate her understanding. She then takes you on a ‘shift’ journey, whereby she holds your hand and guides you to a new perception, thereby helping you dissolve the blocks and move on.

The sessions with Brenda are relaxed and insightful, but above all, useful and relevant. Whatever issues that are preventing you from moving forward, Brenda will help you dissolve them or blend them into the fabric of your life. What I especially appreciate was how, through gentle, thoughtful questions, Brenda would assist me in uncovering what I already knew. She doesn’t give you the information – she helps you reveal your inner knowledge.

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to make a change in their life and who wants rapid results. Brenda is a gifted communicator. Her greatest asset is her ability to listen deeply, quickly understand the blocks holding you back, and providing insights and thoughtful strategies to quickly overcome these obstacles. I’ve never experienced such fast transformation in all the years of coaching and therapy I’ve received.”

~ Andrea Lyons,


Margaret Batting“Before working with Brenda I was working full-time for a Fortune 500 Company while simultaneously trying to launch my side business. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and stressed. After working with Brenda, I was able to focus, prioritize and determine what I really wanted out of life and a new career.

Today I’ve officially left my corporate job and am in my business full-time. I am feeling less overwhelmed and really enjoy my new life. Managing your own business, an active a nine-year old son, a home and a personal life is incredibly challenging but Brenda helps you remember and focus on what’s really important. She keeps me on-track. I enjoy working with Brenda because she ‘gets’ the corporate world – she’s smart, enthusiastic, positive and fun – and above all else – I just like and feel comfortable working with her.

Although life as an entrepreneur is wonderful the emotional roller-coaster of running a business and a life can be tough. Brenda helps you deal with all of it. I oftentimes find myself working through an issue thinking: What would Brenda say to me right now? I highly recommend Brenda – she delivers results!”

~ Margaret Batting,


Karen Frasca“Before working with Brenda, I was feeling pretty lost. I was very restless at my job and had a continuous, nagging feeling that I should be doing “something else.” But even after reading practically every book on self-help, careers, and entrepreneurship, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, or how to go about figuring it out.

Through my work with Brenda, she has helped me get very clear on what I really want to do with my life, and she has helped me find the courage to begin. She has also helped me clear away the self-imposed blocks to my progress, shining a light on my negative beliefs and perceptions – some of which I didn’t even know I had!

From the first time I spoke with Brenda I knew I could trust her. She knows her stuff, and is warm and kind hearted, but she will hold you accountable so you get the most out of your working relationship! Brenda is amazingly talented, intuitive and insightful – and highly practical, too. She always knows just the right questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter, but she does it gently and kindly. She never tells you what to do, but instead guides you to the place within yourself that knows the answers.

My experience working with Brenda has been a very deep, rich and joyful experience. It’s honestly been life-changing. I wish everyone could have the opportunity work with Brenda. She is such a gifted advisor, and she truly wants you to realize your self-worth, happiness, and creative dreams!”

~ Karen Frasca


Joanna Scaparotti“Through my work with Brenda I’ve been able to give myself permission to run my business in a way that works for the lifestyle that feels most comfortable and ideal for me. Brenda’s extensive resources and assessments for unearthing your unique personal and business style are tremendously useful and informative.

I’ve gone from trying to operate my business and life in a way that I thought I *should* instead of allowing things to be easy and just flow for me. These breakthroughs have influenced the kind of services and products that I offer via my multi-faceted business and are allowing me to remain excited, engaged and enthused everyday for the continued unfolding of my various offerings!

Brenda has a gift for asking just the right questions that help you get to the root of the matter in any dilemma or challenge that you’re facing. She’s incredibly supportive, and yet she challenges you to grow and step into bigger shoes every step of the way. Her unwavering belief in your potential – and worth – helps you to envision the lifestyle for yourself that’s in total alignment with your values and priorities. Through working with Brenda, I’ve been able to dream much bigger than ever before – and am now evolving my business in a larger, more Global scope and purpose than my original plan.

Brenda teaches through not only asking questions but sharing intuitive insights which lead you into a deeper understanding of your fears, habits and limiting beliefs – and through her encouragement, she helps you take bigger, BOLDER leaps in order to overcome these limits and claim what’s rightfully yours!”

~ Joanna Scaparotti,


Denyne Sanville

“Before working with Brenda I feeling very burnt-out and my interior design business had completely stalled. I knew I needed to be charging more for my services and that I needed to let go of the clients who were draining me of precious life-energy.

Fast forward two years, and my life is totally different – and I have Brenda to thank for it. My interior design business is booming! I have work scheduled out for several months and am attracting the perfect clients.

Brenda helped me think outside of the box to what my business could be – not what it currently was – and then gave me ideas and steps on how to realistically achieve that dream. She also encouraged me to stop trying to control the outcome, take more risks, and accept what the Universe had in store for me – which has been very exciting and fruitful!

Brenda was also instrumental in helping me break past patterns of being the “good girl” to everyone in my life – and helped me learn how-to do more things for me that feed my soul which is making me a better person to both my family and my clients. I always looked forward to my calls with Brenda – as she was always very loving, receptive and non-judgmental to whatever I needed to talk about at that time. She always kept me on track, focused and moving forward.

I have been so impressed by the change in my life and change in my business that I have recommended Brenda’s services to many close friends and colleagues because I know working with her is life-changing. I highly recommend her to any woman who needs to gain clarity on the direction of their life, business and sense of self worth. Every dollar I spent working with Brenda was an investment in my business which has been paid back tenfold; but the biggest value, which is priceless, has come from how my life has turned around. Thank you Brenda – you are amazing!

~ Denyne Sanville,


Meg Rogers“Brenda has a gift for not only helping creative business women shine but for helping women to Claim Your Worth!® in both business and in life. By helping you uncover your unique ‘way’ and personal style for how you can best channel and distribute your creativity into the world, Brenda also demonstrates how this unraveling process is a catalyst for you to discover your full creative and spiritual potential.

Through her rich content, resources authentic collaboration, and genuine giving, Brenda will help you find your own illuminated path to being your Best Self. Brenda has helped me through the process of living by own light and giving myself permission to live-out my core business message which is to be GENUINE! And through this commitment, my business and life will continue to shine!”

~ Meg Rogers


Angee Robertson“Before working with Brenda I felt very little peace inside. My business life was in constant ‘emergency mode’ – and personally, I wasn’t stopping long enough to listen to myself or enjoy the everyday moments. I felt hopeless and desperate to get out of the life I was leading. Through my work with Brenda, I learned that every symptom in my life, and work, boiled down to the core – which is me.

After discovering and working on ‘me’, everything shifted. For the first time ever I have a sense of peace inside. Brenda taught me how to deal with the irrational thoughts and shift my thinking to be more ‘in the flow”.

Brenda is gentle, empowering and provoking. She cried with me, laughed with me and challenged me. She never made me do more than I was ready to handle but she never let me stay complacent. I would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Brenda and believe that every woman needs to get in touch with her real Self – and Brenda helps you discover that. She really helps you step into your power and your purpose and not be afraid to do so.”

~ Angee Robertson,


Ellen Palmer“Before working with Brenda I felt like I was pushing a boulder up hill and it was getting way too heavy for me to keep pushing through my work and personal life. Working with Brenda has been a transformative experience because she has given me the most cherished gift which is – helping me to discover my Authentic Self. Brenda has shown me a better way – an easier and breezier way – to achieve my business and life-style goals while experiencing everyday peace. I am grateful for her experience, sense of humor, and guidance and I highly recommend her to any woman looking to become her Best Self in life and work!”

~ Ellen Palmer,


Kara Butterfield“Every so often you meet someone who challenges your way of thinking, can hold a non-judgmental mirror and change limiting beliefs. Working with Brenda, was like casting a wide net in my personal ocean and trawling in life’s jigsaw pieces. We worked together to generate new ideas and take action to springboard my business, and life, into a more positive and prosperous direction. Her genuine support and honest guidance throughout our coaching sessions was invaluable to help fulfill my creative passion.”

~ Kara Butterfield,