Setbacks Make You Stronger

Posted on May 20, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

“Setbacks make you stronger if you choose to view them that way.”

It’s inevitable, when you set a strong intention to make some positive changes in your life, work and/or relationships – setbacks come with the territory.

It’s most likely happened to you. You’ve made a commitment to change something for the better in your life and you’re on a roll – things are going great! Then, wham! You’re dealt a setback – something that cropped up that put an obstacle in your path.

Oftentimes this is when most of us want to just give up. And, oftentimes we do – albeit temporarily or permanently depending on how we view the setback.

Just like anything in life, your attitude about the circumstance makes all the difference.

I believe setbacks come into our vision as little tests from the Universe to see if we’re really serious about the change we’ve prayed about and intended to see happen.

What we all must remember is: The Universe has your back and only wants the best for you – so by you committing when a stormy setback hits – and continue to charge forward – then you’ll be served up more and more support to help you on your way.

So, rather than to give-up and believe that the Universe doesn’t have your back by serving you this setback, consider viewing it as a beautiful opportunity to dig your heels in further into your path and continue to move forward.

If you find yourself craving and committing to a positive change, but also find yourself facing setbacks on the path, check-out the Worthy Work below for some tips on how you can shift your perspective with the situation and begin to see what you’ve hoped for, come to fruition.


To Your Worth!



Change can be really difficult – even when its positive change and change that you desire to see happen. Our minds aren’t comfortable with change – it’s directly correlated with a fight/flight mentality and our minds program us to not want change but to stay the same – and resist anything that could make us feel unsafe. Yet, your soul and True Self guides you towards your highest good so you must know which part of you you’ll align with to bring you to your destiny. Consider these tips as you make changes:

Tip #1 – Choose Who Drives the Bus: I joke with clients all the time – that when they’re trying to change but find themselves self-sabotaging, most likely their 5-year old self is driving the bus and making the decisions that aren’t in alignment with their highest good. When you are committed to making positive changes, elicit the advice of your Higher Self and ask for guidance from there. The advice will feel right, but also scary. It’s up to you to have the courage to follow your heart into the unknown.

Tip #2 – Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable: When you’re going through a change there is a cycle that you must realize is happening as you transition from one way of living/being to another. This cycle not only includes the commitment to the 21-day habit rule (which is really effective!), but also the commitment to being okay with not having a clue what’s going on or what is going to happen. The heart/soul is mysterious so when you follow it, you’ll inevitably face lots and lots of fear. But you know in your heart that the change is right – you just need to reassure your mind that all is well…and that’s when you go back to Tip #1.

Tip #3 – Pass The Universe’s Tests: As I mentioned earlier, the Universe will send you “tests” to see if what you *say* you truly want is what you actually want. Again, this is because the Universe has your best interests at heart – yet when a “test” (or a setback) arises, our smaller self tends to go into high-gear pointing the finger at the circumstances and screaming: “See, see, we should stop – go back – it’s not the right thing to do!” Once again, Tip #1 is where you want to go to and honor your smaller self and then put her/him in the backseat and allow your Higher Self to drive.

Change is uncomfortable but when your soul is ready for the change nothing can stop it. Be aware of your decisions and then aware of the “tests” that you’ll need to pass in order to move forward and you’ll be on your way to the most authentic life you can imagine!




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