Reveal Your Innate Worthiness

Posted on Jan 18, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

Carefree Woman“There are no prerequisites for worthiness.” ~Brene Brown

Most of us have endured circumstances whether while growing up – or in the recent past – that we rather we didn’t have to endure or go through.

And, most often, it’s those circumstances from long ago – especially the “negative” ones that create some root beliefs about your worthiness that stick and keep you stuck and held back from what you truly desire to experience.

Today’s article is focused on helping you to not only SHIFT false beliefs (beliefs that got formed long ago that prevent you from claiming all that you desire to experience) – but to also help you realize your innate worthiness has absolutely nothing to do with what has manifested or what hasn’t manifested in your life.

So today, I’m introducing you to a powerful exercise called:  Just Because…

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The Just Because… exercise is something I literally thought up the other day as i contemplated what tends to hold us all back in certain areas that are important to us.

When you think about it, a circumstance or an experience that we perceive as “negative” – or something we didn’t or don’t want – there is usually something that goes on within yourself that births a “because” – a cause for why it happened.

Consider this, according to, the definition of because is:  “for the reason that, due to the fact that…”

Therefore, if you have a perceived “negative” experience, often your subconscious mind will give that experience a “because” and tie it directly to your worthiness.  

So, the “Just Because” exercise is here to shed light on the fact that – Just Because you went through this or that, it doesn’t have anything to with your innate worth – and your connection to your True Self/Source.

Here are some examples to give you a picture of how this works…

  • Just because I endured bullying growing up doesn’t mean that I deserve abuse.
  • Just because I grew-up with an alcoholic parent, doesn’t mean that I need to be a caretaker to everyone in my life.
  • Just because I experienced neglect and abandonment from the people who were supposed to take great care of me – doesn’t mean that I am not worthy of great care.

See how this works?

You can even use it in your present circumstances as well:

  • Just because my bank account may be low on funds right now doesn’t mean that I am not worthy of abundance that abundance isn’t my birthright.
  • Just because I am not experiencing all that i desire in every area of my life that doesn’t mean that those desires won’t manifest.

Got it?

This exercise is powerful for many reasons – but most importantly, it demonstrates to you that your worthiness isn’t a reflection of your past or current circumstances.  We experience things in life so we can get clarity of what else we want to experience – that’s it – it’s about contrast and clarity – not worth.  

To help give this concept and exercise even more clarity and power, check-out the Worthy Work below where I provide a simple, yet profound quote from Abraham Hicks that I think will help you see and hear how this works.



In order for life to expand, there MUST be contrast.  

That’s what you came for.

Plus, how do you know what you want without knowing what you don’t want?

As you’re exploring contrast, know that you’re not doing something wrong by being in contrast.

Instead, look at it from the vantage point that:  “It’s not wrong to have a problem, it’s the path to the solution!”

~Abraham Hicks~


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