Re-Capture A Lost Dream

Posted on Jun 6, 2011 | by Brenda Stanton

I remember when I started out on the self-discovery journey years back – I didn’t even know I had a passion or a dream. Honestly, I was so burnt-out and disillusioned with working myself into a ‘wall of success’ in Corporate America, that all I dreamed of doing was selling all my stuff, moving across the country, and running away from it ‘all’!

Fast forward many years later and I still (sometimes) have visions of running away from it all – and experiencing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love. Yet, those visions aren’t as frequent because I don’t feel so desperate for such a big change to happen.

What shifted is, I have a much, much stronger and deeper relationship with my Self.

I stopped trying to run away from what I didn’t like and made the commitment to face what was in front of me, right where I was.

I also realized that no matter how far away you run, or how many dreams you chase – in the end – you can’t run away from yourself and any discontent, anxiety and void that you feel on the inside. You need to face it- and there are major gifts within when you do!

I jokingly said to a friend the other day on the phone: “No matter where you go, there you are! You can’t even go to the bathroom without yourself ;)”

See, we can have a relationship with ourselves – our mini-me’s – who keep wanting, striving, and feeling as if there is a void – and that something is wrong – and that things shouldn’t be the way they are – and that life should be different – and that you should be so much further along, etc. etc. etc.

The point is – the relationship that you have with your Self is the key to everything. And as commonplace as this Truth sounds, and as many times as you’ve heard Oprah or one of her guests say it, experiencing who that Self is – and what that Self is to you – is a totally different story.

Yet, what I’m referring to is a much different Self. The Self that will give you peace. The Self that will give you clarity to what you’re here to do and be. The Self that will keep you grounded, confident and present. The Self who is preparing you for what’s next – and whose grooming you to be influential and to have a big impact! The Self who is your radiance, your glow, your Light.

Now, do you see why this relationship is so key before anything else? And why having a beautiful inner relationship is pretty important?

So, where does this key-connection start? And, what does a relationship with your Self have to do with you re-igniting and capturing your dreams?

Well, for me, and anybody that I’ve been honored to coach through these transitions, the two truly do go hand-and-hand.

Check-out the Worthy Work below where I give you some tips on where to start right where you are – and to ‘use’ whatever is causing you anxiety, worry, or discontent – as a catalyst to your own next big up-level in life and work!



This week let’s take one long-lost dream that you’ve shelved and thought was gone – and take it off the shelf for some re-examining.

Now, as you think about, visualize and tune-into the feelings around experiencing what that dream entails, what emotions come up? Are you excited and ready to take action? Or are you facing some anxiety, self-doubt and blocks from fully enjoying and believing in the vision?

Simply witness those emotions that come up. If they are all positive, great! Take the first step to up-level and get started!

If the emotions are on the negative side, consider what pattern is cropping up again around your overall value, worth and you feeling deserving of actually enjoying something that means so much to you.

Then, consider that your Self is giving you this message because you’re being given an opportunity to grow – and to up-level – and to eventually help others around this area one day.

Do you see how this works? Nothing is a mistake. You are being served a great gift –your anxiety or self-doubt or feeling un-worthy or not good enough – is making you aware of an aspect of yourself that is ready to shift.

The next step? Ask your Self what your next step is – She/He/It will inform you – but you need to ask!


To Your Worth!

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