How Worthy Do You Feel?

If you ever feel held back and/or stuck in your life, and can’t put your finger on what the block is, self worth is most likely at play.


You may struggle with not feeling like “enough” so you look to other people to gain their approval through people pleasing.  Or, you self-sabotage your best efforts and success without ever understanding why.


This quiz will reveal how you perceive your self worth and what the TRUTH really is.


As you reflect on, and answer the questions, be honest and truthful with yourself and trust your first instincts when you answer.


Keep in mind, you may be unsure how to answer as you want to choose between two answers. Do your best to choose the answer that is the most TRUTHFUL to you.


Let’s get started…

Question 1 of 10:
When it comes to the things you want to have happen in your life, do you believe the harder you work the worthier you are?
Question 2 of 10:
Do you tend to care what others think of you and look for validation and approval from them?
Question 3 of 10:
Would you say that you’re naturally happy for others when they experience happiness or do you experience feelings of jealousy, envy and think - why not me?
Question 4 of 10:
When something good happens in your life, do you worry and think “uh oh, when is the other shoe going to drop and this happiness goes away?”
Question 5 of 10:
When others offer to assist you, or give you a gift, do you feel like you owe them and need to give something back right away?
Question 6 of 10:
Do you feel like you’re making the money you deserve or do you secretly wish you negotiated to be paid more for your work?
Question 7 of 10:
Do you find yourself overindulging in food and drink to fill an emptiness inside or numb out feelings of loneliness, pain, and/or boredom?
Question 8 of 10:
Do you believe the more you do the more you can have?
Question 9 of 10:
Have you found yourself accepting crumbs in certain areas of your life and not sure why you settle for less?
Question 10 of 10:
Have you approached achieving a goal and then found yourself sabotaging yourself right before you reach it?

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