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Posted on May 6, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

“Never allow what another does steal your joy. You have power to react any way you choose. Be conscious of protecting your positive energy.”

When you are on the conscious path and taking responsibility for how you yearn to, and deserve to, live your life – you will not only battle with your own negative thoughts and inner critic, but you’ll also have to deal with the negative thoughts and inner critics of others.

If you’ve been on the self-development path for quite some time, no doubt you’ve read about, implemented and succeeded at the power of positive thinking. It’s true, what you think about you bring about.

Yet, as with everything, there are always deeper levels to go to with the learning.

As you continue to Claim Your Worth!®, you may notice that it feels like it will get harder before it gets easier. And much of this has to do with your dealings of others who aren’t on the same conscious path as you.

This is in no way to say anyone is “better” or “more evolved” than anyone else. Rather, it simply is the Truth that we all have different roles to play here on planet earth – and everyone is reading their own life script.

Some folks’ life scripts involve becoming more conscious and others don’t. The lesson for all of us to learn is: I can’t change another nor force them to try to be different or more positive.

So, what do you do when others that you need to be around may be acting positive but energetically you feel low around them?

Or, what do you do when you’re in a relationship with someone whom you’ve bonded with over being negative and critical and you want to change that dynamic?

To learn how to protect the positive energy that you’re committed to cultivating within yourself – while not becoming a hermit, check-out the Worthy Work below.


To Your Worth!



As you continue to feel more joyful and positive as you Claim Your Worth!®, you’ll realize that it may feel harder and harder to sustain the positive energy you’ve been able to cultivate within yourself. To help you from not allowing others to steal your joy consider these steps:

Step 1: Who Are You Committed To Being?: When you go out into the world, as the old saying says – who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying – is very true. Your essence, your energy and your vibe speak for you before you even do. Being aware of WHO you’re committed to BEING first – joyful, positive, happy, optimistic – is the first choice to make. Then, and only then, can your thoughts, actions and beliefs are in congruence with your intention. Intend first and then match everything you do to emulating this intention.

Step 2: Don’t Give Your Power Away:Giving your power has many connotations – yet many don’t realize specifics about what it “looks like” to give your power away. A perfect example is allowing another person to steal your joy or good mood. Imagine you’re feeling good, upbeat and positive and all of sudden get around a friend, colleague or family member who may – on the surface – be saying all the right things but whose energy and vibe is very low and depressing. Allowing yourself to get sucked into this low mood is giving your power away. Your power is your joy, your good mood, your optimism – your direction in life. Commit to protecting that as you would your own small child…your energy needs you to protect it.

Step 3: Save Yourself First: Wanting to assist and help others is most likely part of your nature if you’re on the Claim Your Worth!® path – as you feel better and more empowered – you want to help others experience this too! Great intention and motivation – yet you need to be careful not to turn into rescuer mode and end up drowning in their undertow. As harsh as it sounds, you must save yourself first. Trying to jump in after someone who is drowning and doing the swimming for them will take you both down. Rather than joining in someone else’s misery or trying to pull them out of it, choose to BE a strong power of example by living your best life and ultimately inspire others by what they see you doing and how you’re living your life.

Nobody said the conscious path would be an “easy” one. Oftentimes I hear folks say – it was easier when I was sleepwalking through life, then I didn’t have to see so much. That may feel true but it really isn’t. It’s not easier to live unconsciously – it’s simply just more numbing. And when you’re numb you may not feel pain but you can never have the chance to feel immense joy either.

As always, it’s your choice which path you choose to walk. Choose wisely.




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