The Power Of Your Will Part 2

Posted on Apr 17, 2017 | by Brenda Stanton

Being then doing – that is the equation.  Often we’re told however that we need to do and then do some more – and what you want will happen.

Yet, as i mentioned in Part 1 of this topic, what you think you want is very different than what you know you are destined for.

What you think you want is derived from the belief:  once I have it and experience it – I’ll feel better, I’ll be happy.  This belief is built on the premise that whatever it is that you desire is separate from you – that it needs to manifest in order for you to experience the feeling of having it.

What you’re destined for on the other hand is based on the Truth that you already have it – and you are already IT.   The only separation between what you’re experiencing and what you desire are the thoughts that tell you all the reasons why you can’t have it.

In a nutshell, stories keep you stuck.  Stories about the past and the present and the future – all making up an identity about you and what you’re worthy of and what you aren’t.

If you take away the stories and allow yourself to BE in the NOW – without thought – you realize that what you are and what you aren’t doesn’t exist – you just are.  This is your true worth – who you are without any definitions, labels and stories.  

The mind is fixated on making you somebody however and this includes making the outside world a barometer for how *good* you’re doing.

This is why i believe when the Secret came out and the law of attraction got introduced, people went crazy about manifesting – and believing that what you manifest defines how tuned in you are – or how tuned out you are.

Sure, we can all use the power of the mind to manifest things and experiences – each of us do that every single day.  But are these *things* what truly matter or what we’re told should matter.

For the purpose of this series, the power of your will is about allowing yourself to trust what your innner guidance is telling you and guiding you towards – and allowing yourself to BE what you desire NOW vs. feeling like you need to wait for the evidence in the outside world to show up to prove it true.

Give it a try:

1. Go within and consult your soul on what you truly desire – but rather than focus on the thing, bring yourself into the experience of already having it.

2.  Then, document what does it feel like already experiencing it?  How are you showing up differently each day?  What does it feel like to be experiencing what you desire?

3.  Consistently witness your inner dialogue – are you saying you have it, or are you saying, it’s not here yet.  Remember, the only time is NOW – you are what you desire, become it NOW, act “as if” and you’ll begin to pull towards you the exact experiences you’re destined for.

Remember, your fate is what you story tells you that you deserve based on where you’ve been and what you’ve gone through (a.k.a. your story).  Your destiny is what you are meant to experience without your story or any perceived limitations.

Which guidance will you follow?  As always, it’s your choice.

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