The Power Of Your Will Part 1

Posted on Apr 2, 2017 | by Brenda Stanton

Willing something to happen is very different than forcing something to happen.

Will tends to get a bad rap because it conjures up the word willpower – which almost always gives way to:  restriction and going against yourself vs. allowing and letting things flow and be easy.

To me, will power gives the image of – I want it but I really don’t want it but I’m going to force myself to want it.  Sound familiar?  Trying to force something you should want but you face resistance around it.

In it’s truest sense, will power is exerted when you realize that what you want is what the Universe wants for you too – and you then have the courage to take action towards what you want – no matter what.

This is the same concept of:  when you marry intention with action and a miracle happens!  It’s when things just flow and happen – and you know you aren’t standing in your own way anymore – you’re allowing your highest good to manifest.

But what happens when you want something and it doesn’t happen – and the exact opposite manifests?  The same concept of will power is at play here too.  You willed what you don’t want to happen, it just wasn’t a conscious choice – it was an unconscious one.

When something you truly want doesn’t happen and what you don’t want continues to manifest – it’s time to go deeper and look at what you’re unconsciously willing to happen because you’re more committed to believing you don’t deserve something vs. believing that you do deserve it.

In other words, your mind wants to be right about the story you tell yourself about why you can’t have/experience what you truly want.  Your story gives your life meaning.  It gives you an identity -even if it’s extremely limiting identity- it still gives you some sense of purpose – some sense of meaning – even if it’s a very down trodden version of you – it’s still has meaning attached to it. 

This is where your mind is willing something to happen and your soul is taking a backseat.

Consider this – your mind is manifesting your fate based on your story of what you’ve already experienced.  Your soul is manifesting your destiny of what you’re meant to experience.  You have a choice which guidance you’ll follow – you just need to be able to

1) distinguish between your mind and your soul,

2) get really comfortable with being uncomfortable, and

3) know you’re worthy of experiencing your destiny – and not continuing the legacy of your past.

To live outside your story you’re going to need to live life on very different terms than what you learned growing up.  You most likely learned how-to conform, how to please others and how to stay small so others didn’t feel intimidated by you.  You’re going to need to embrace and be who you are without the masks that you use to hide who you really are.

If you’re ready to experience life on a deeper level and be in line with where you’re meant to go, and what you’re meant to do – stay tuned for next week’s article where we speak about The Power of Your Will and how-to manifest what you truly want and deserve through being as well as doing.

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