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“I just opened the email with your latest newsletter, and once again, the information and suggestions were speaking directly to me! I so enjoy getting your newsletter each week, and I always learn something valuable, and learn something about myself as well! You have really created a fabulous newsletter!”

“To give you a sense of how worthy I think your work is, I have over 200 unopened emails in both my personal and work in-boxes, yet I always find time to open a message from you.”

“I just want you to know that your emails have a huge positive impact on me and faithfully meet me where I am all the time. Thanks so much for making a difference and being an encouragement to my Monday as well as my week!”

“Brenda, you’re AWESOME!!! I LOVE this newsletter! :-)”

“Thank you for your weekly messages. Each message seems to speak directly to where I am in thought or process of change and it is truly inspiring to have these reinforcements. I look forward to growing in worth.”

“Wow this resonates soooo deeply! I might even print some of it out and tape it to my mirror to remind me to give myself permission! Thanks for a great newsletter this week!”

“Thank you for your weekly Note Worthy’s. You have such an amazing gift with words and it’s always makes a difference in my day when I get your emails.”

“I just read this week’s Featured Article and it really hit home with me. Thank you so much for your insight. My plan is to complete all the steps that you listed! I have been unmotivated here lately and that article was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things!!!”

“Thank you, Brenda. As always, it was just what I needed to hear today!”

“Just wanted to thank you for all the Monday inspirations that start my week off right. I so look forward to them!”

“WOW – that was a good newsletter this week – I bet a lot of people are feeling this way and feeling trapped – you are an amazing writer – I bet everyone that reads your newsletter cannot help but think you are really talking to them only!”

“I’ve been on your list for about a year and have appreciated your insight and inspiration in your newsletters…so a heart-felt *thank you* for your work…

“Brenda, I just had to tell you again that I love your newsletter. It’s always such a tight, neat package to easily read in a few minutes and so nice to look at. I’m in love!”

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