Not Good Enough In Stages

Posted on Jan 7, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

“Your current circumstances are perfect. Your past, your present and your future are what is intended and planned for your life. Accept and embrace – it’s all good!”

When people start-out on the path of finally listening and acting upon the voice of their soul, they almost always discover a great need to spiritually awaken not only themselves, but others. It just works like that, when you feel inspired about new things you’ve learned, you naturally want to share that knowledge with others.

So the journey of self-discovery and yearning to serve others begins.

What happens often for most folks starting out on the service path, (and is what happened to me when I was starting out), is that you focus on the sharing with others and helping others piece first. You have such a desire to help and serve that you tend to repeat the pattern of focusing on the outside first, before going within.

But, the beauty of utilizing a creative aspiration such as a business to serve others is that it provides you with a mirror for all your “stuff” to show-up. You begin to see your patterns from long ago and you see where you tend to put the opinions of others in authority over your own self-worth.

And this is where many who are in the “service” field are operating – looking to the outside world to meet their unmet needs for self-worth – to feel important, worthy, special, unique, and SEEN.

This approach of course doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help you and it certainly doesn’t help the people that you’re serving.

However, it is a beautiful way to see your “not enough” in full force. To see where you feel lack in your abilities. To feel as if you aren’t capable of doing what you desire to do and that others are better at “it” than you. They have more credentials, experience, etc. – the whole bit.

These feelings and fears are the fraud factorat it’s finest. Believing that others will find out that you have no idea what you’re doing and that you aren’t qualified to lead and teach them.

This is Phase One of “not good enough” – believing you aren’t capable to do the job.

Again, the beauty of the experience is that you can SEE it – as if the experience is showing you a mirror on where you need to shift internally so then the outer world, and the people you serve aren’t in a position of authority over you but you’re on equal ground.

Do you see that? How you can fall into a trap of allowing the outer world to dictate how you feel about yourself and your abilities? It’s scary stuff and it becomes even more scarier the more you listen to your soul and your soul encourages you step-out and serve even more people.

This is where Phase Two of “not good enough” comes in – believing you are literally good enough to do the job.

Phase Two expands beyond your capabilities and talent and goes deeper into your worthiness as a person. This is where all your “stuff” that you’ve tried to hide and stuff down for so long emerges. This is the “stuff” you’d never want anyone to know about or learn about you.

This also has to do with the fraud factor but it goes deeper into comparing yourself with others “out there” and believing that they may have been dealt a better hand than you. That your background, history and family up-bringing doesn’t “qualify” you for doing your work in a bigger way.

Common, common issues and ones that must be addressed not only so that you can serve in a bigger way, but that you can feel worthy of receiving what that service in a bigger way brings you – not only in terms of abundance and a bigger calling, but the feelings of fulfillment and joy that you get to do work that you truly love in the way(s) that you love to do it.

Check-out the Worthy Work below for some deeper exploration into the Phase Two of Not Good Enough.


To Your Worth!



If you know that you’re holding yourself back from going to the next phase of your own growth and evolution and know that these blockages will effect the work you’re here to do, consider where you are on the “not enough” path.

Do a check-in to see where you may be on the “not good enough” cycle. We all have a “not enough” somewhere and looking at your circumstances provides an idea of where you are on the path. There are different stages of depth to go to with it but check-in to see where yours may be.

Ask yourself: Am I fearful that people will find out I have no idea what I’m doing? Or, am I past that and now into, I am fearful that people will find out that I’m not qualified to do this work because of my circumstances past and present? Very different distinction.

The thing to know is: your past and present circumstances ARE perfect. Everything that has happened in your life up to this point is part of your purpose. And, everything that WILL happen in your life in the future is also part of your purpose.

See, things like the surface teachings around the law of attraction make us believe that we’re doing something wrong – or something is wrong with our life based on what’s happening. Yet, what I believe is: what is happening IS perfect and it’s here to show you what your soul signed up for – and what you’re here to serve around.

Does that make you feel less heavy and pressured to feel like the results in your life are all up to you? I hope so. Because the whole point of the journey is for you to grow and evolve just as much as you help others grow and evolve.

This week give thought to the “not enough” cycle and TRUST that there is a plan and you’re a BIG part of it!




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