Moving Beyond Your Limits

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 | by Brenda Stanton

“Rise above yourself.” ~Thomas Leonard

This time of year is not only busy with the holiday season and all that goes along with it, but you’re most likely thinking about your goals for the new year as well, right?

Well, if you are, this note is here to encourage you to dig a little deeper within yourself and test your own limits.

As Thomas Leonard says in the quote referenced above,”Rise above yourself”, which means to push yourself past what you think is possible for you and go deeper within to continually discover your Real Potential.

The goal is to go deeper not into what you know can happen, but deeper into what you have no idea could possibly happen but you secretly hope it could.

I learned this lesson very recently while participating in a new exercise program, Crossfit, that has dramatically changed my life. (More to come on the lessons from Crossfit in future Note Worthy’s).

For example, just last week my Crossfit coach gave a great example when he explained why he has us do 5 very intense rounds of the same exercise for only 30 seconds and then has us rest in between.

He explained the philosophy of pushing yourself very hard – as hard as you can for 30 seconds. He said what you realize is: most likely you’ll start at a level 7 and realize – as you push yourself beyond your limits – that by the 3rd or 4th round you have the potential to be at a level 8 or 9!

I witnessed this first-hand when this exact thing happened in my workout. I pushed myself beyond my self-perceived limits and was able to achieve more in the exercise in round 3 than I did in round 1.

In Truth I thought I was working at my highest level, but come to find out, when I pushed a bit harder, dug a bit deeper, I found the potential to be at higher level. I realized starting out I was working at about a 7 and when I pushed, I ended up at an 8/9 level.

The lesson here is – there is so much potential within you that is yearning to be realized and expressed. This requires you to “Rise above yourself” and dig-in deeper and ask your soul what it really, really, really wants next – in 2013 and beyond!

To help you dig-down and make 2013 be the year you go way beyond your self-perceived limits, check-out the Worthy Work below.


To Your Worth!



Trust The Visions I always tell folks that the visions that you have about what you deeply would love to do – when you’re driving or taking a shower are the visions that you need to trust. These are the times in life when our mind is shut-off and our heart/soul can speak to us directly. Always remember, the things we’re too embarrassed to admit that we want are exactly what you’re meant to be doing so trust and move forward on what those visions are!

Get Really Uncomfortable If you’re going to align with your heart/soul and take action towards what you deeply desire, you need to get really comfortable with being uncomfortable. When trying something new, you need to realize it’s a new habit and it’s going to feel scary but trust that like any muscle, if you flex it enough it will get strong. To gain more confidence and courage you must get uncomfortable and do things that scare you – just the way it works :)!

The Universe Has Your Back: Oftentimes we get stuck on moving forward with our BIG Visions because we don’t know “how” they will happen. As I always say, if you know the “how”, then you have a plan, not a vision. Just know that when you trust your heart/soul you will only know the first step – you need to trust the Universe to show you the rest of the way – and trust that the Universe has a much better plan than you ever could! Take the first step and the rest of the steps will show up!

Push beyond your limits and you won’t regret it – give it a try – you have the potential within!




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