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Brenda Stanton is a leader in the field of self-empowerment and creative meaningful life-style and business coaching.

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In Her Own Words

Welcome! I’m so glad we have the opportunity to connect.

In terms of the Claim Your Worth!® message and principles, everything that I teach and provide to you comes from first-hand experience. This allows me to not only understand what you’re feeling and going through, but also to be able to share how these teachings and principles are exactly what I use and apply to my own life each and everyday.

With my work, it’s my promise to you – that whatever you learn and experience – will have a transformational, life-long effect on your overall confidence and belief in your Self.

This transformation of Self that I speak of, is a process where your perception of yourself, your life, and your overall purpose – dramatically shifts. You’ll feel differently about your past, your present and your future – and you’ll project yourself out into the world in a much more confident, secure, optimistic way. When you commit to the Claim Your Worth!® process, you’ll begin to emulate a beautiful, infectious glow that others can’t help but be inspired and attracted to!

How I Got Into This Work

Brenda as a childMost of us have memories of when we were very young – where we experienced being playful, light-hearted and generally happy.

I remember a time in my life – around 5 years old – when I wasn’t self conscious or insecure – a time when I was just me and didn’t make any apologies for it. I was confident, outgoing and simply just enjoyed life – singing, playing and taking in the everyday moments of my existence.

But then things changed.

Over the years my beautiful light got snuffed out. I was a sensitive little girl and I faced some experiences and circumstances in my early life that made me feel really bad about myself.

I can see now how I made the decision at a very young age to hide in the shadows – because it was ‘safer’ there – others couldn’t see me or my “flaws” if I hid in the shadows.

If I Do and Achieve, Then Maybe I’ll Be Good Enough

I hid for many years but at the age of eighteen I faced a crossroads where I had enough. I decided it was time to prove to the world that I was good enough. So I set out to take-on all sorts of obstacles and achieve some significant things – in the hope that I’d find my significance through outward success.

I never realized as I worked my butt off through business school, and dug my heels deeper into the corporate ladder, that I was unconsciously chanting the mantra: If I do and achieve, then, I’ll be good enough…

Professionally, I was hell-bent and motivated on getting ahead. And I did. But even in my proudest moments of achievement, I was never fulfilled. I also never felt like I never “fit” into the corporate mold because even though I achieved outward success, it never felt like enough.

Everyday I’d sit in traffic and look at others in their cars wondering if they were thinking what I was thinking: “There must be MORE to life than this.”

I grappled with questions like:

  • How could I crave more when I have so much to be thankful for?
  • Why couldn’t I just be happy with the way things are and not seek out more for my life and work?
  • Why couldn’t I just settle for a mediocre, status quo existence?

Food, Unhealthy Relationships, Shopping. Never Enough!

These deeper questions left me feeling like I was missing some “secret chip” that everyone else possessed. Everyone else looked happy, why couldn’t I? To feed the pain and the inner longing I went to outside sources to try and help me find the answers:

  • Maybe a new car will do it – that made me feel better – for about a week.
  • Maybe the “perfect relationship” will do it, nope that didn’t work.
  • Maybe a daily dose of donut munchkins will be it – nah that didn’t help either.
  • Maybe a new outfit – ugh it doesn’t fit – must be all the donuts!
  • Maybe if I fill my bookshelves with books I’ll never read that will do it – wrong!

I can see now as I’ve done the all important, non-negotiable, “worth work” that I was looking to outside sources to give me a “quick-fix” to feed that inner starvation and longing for MORE. What I didn’t realize was – the starvation I felt was an insatiable hunger that could only be fed by Me, from Me, and from a much more Divine, Loving part of Me.

When I set-out to follow my inner heart’s longing to coach others, and help them discover and reveal their most beautiful Authentic Selves, I didn’t realize I would become my own best student. I had no idea I held many unconscious beliefs that were holding me back.

After lots of soul searching, my core worth issue boiled down to one biggie: I don’t believe I’m good enough to experience all that I long to experience in this lifetime.

Feeding The Inner Critic

See, for a number of years I didn’t realize that the inner critic voice in my head that told me: “hang-up the gloves,” “it’s not meant for you,” “don’t bother trying,” “others can do it but you can’t”- wasn’t all of me – it was simply a part of me that needed to heal.

And as I’ve delved deeper into formulating the Claim Your Worth!® work, and have used my own life experiences as a laboratory of sorts, I’ve learned – and directly experienced – that the inner critic who consistently shouts and tells you that you’re “just not good enough”, can be quieted down, healed and put in it’s proper place so you can experience more meaning, fulfillment, peace and joy in your life – while continuing to evolve into your most radiant, whole, happy, uber-confident Self.

Claim Your Worth!® – You OWE It To YourSELF

The Claim Your Worth!® process and principles are designed for a very unique set of individuals – folks who are committed to raising your own level of consciousness and as a result, spontaneously and naturally raising the consciousness of others.

When you Claim Your Worth!®, you discover the incredible impact that your life and work – has on others – and our society as a whole. You discover how truly whole you already are – and how you can truly live life from a calm, peaceful place – where rather than being motivated to achieve through fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, and competition – you are motivated to take action from an inner secure place – a spiritually inspired place – where you are clear and confident to take action on your unique life-path.

Someone To Trust, Journey & Collaborate With…

Having a trusted advisor by your side as you journey through the path of your life and career is a great gift – and support is critical to have as you journey down the path of raising your awareness and feeling better about yourself, your life, and your purpose.

It’s important that you know that in my own life and work, I continually strive to be my truest, highest Self – and am deeply committed to my own personal & spiritual growth and evolution. What this means to you is – the content, services, and training solutions I provide, are all influenced – and come from – a deep, soulful place that is focused on your personal, professional and spiritual growth and evolution.

And, since we yearn to connect with other like-minded folks – the programs, trainings and solutions I’ve designed are tailored to give you the opportunity to connect, collaborate and journey with others who are on the same authentic path – and who hold the same values. Whether you’re longing for community and connection within a group, or need private consultation and clarity – you will most likely find a solution here that meets your needs where you are on the path.

To learn more about the Claim Your Worth!® teachings and who I do my best work with – check-out the Claim Your Worth!® Teachings Page to learn more.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about what the transformation process ‘looks like’– and what it truly feels like to Claim Your Worth!® – download the my FREE Guide – (working on this) a parable – entitled:

If you know you’re ready to move forward – and the timing feels right – I’d love to learn more about you – and connect. Please contact us directly to learn more about how you can discover and reveal your True Self – and the coaching programs available you can start your own personal transformation process – so I can help you discover not only who you really are, but who you were always meant to become.

If you want to explore the work and philosophies further, please make sure visit the CYW!® Knowledge Center so you can get a deeper understanding of how the Claim Your Worth!® philosophy is ‘brought to life’ – and what values and philosophies the work is steeped in.