Measuring Your Self-Worth

Posted on Feb 12, 2017 | by Brenda Stanton

“Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you’re worthy of the trip.”
~ Glenn Beck from the book The Christmas Sweater

A couple years back I ran a program to help business women learn how-to charge what they’re worth for their services/products.

The program, as with all the Claim Your Worth!® “work”, was all about the inner shifts vs. the outer shifts.

The women who took the course realized this – when you shift how you feel about YOU and your circumstances, the outside shifts dramatically.

Part of these realizations included an initial intake exercise entitled: How Deserving Do You Feel? that I gave the women. Here it is:

Take out a blank piece of paper and turn it to face you horizontally.

Then, draw a line across the page horizontally. On the far left of the page, write the number 1 and the word “Bad Person” next to it. Then, on the far right of the page, write the number 100 with the word “Good Person” next to it.

Then, look at your scale and notice to the far left is a totally “bad person”, and to the far right is a totally “good person”.

Then, ask yourself – where do I fall?

Take a few minutes and think back over your life and all your experiences – think about your relationships and your upbringing and all the circumstances you had at school, home, work, etc.

You’ll remember good and not so good experiences but simply take inventory of your life as a whole – then rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 100 as to your overall sense of worth.

A score of 100 would mean you deeply believe that you are totally good and deserve everything you desire, and a 1 would mean you believe you don’t deserve anything! Most of us fall somewhere in between.

Once you’ve finished the exercise and have your number on the scale, read on.

What is so amazing about this “Worth Meter” is – when I stumbled upon the exercise, I even chose a number somewhere in the middle (and I specialize in this work and study the topic day in and day out!)…

Did you choose a number other than 100 as well?

Well, no worries if you did – most everyone does. Most everyone put themselves, and their perceived self-worth somewhere in the middle of the scale.

So, whatever number you chose, is your self-assessment of your PERCEIVED worth – and that word PERCEIVED is capitalized because that isn’t your innate worth.

Your innate worth is the fact that you’re here on the planet – that you were born – that you still have breath in you – which is representative of LIFE.

Your life, and every circumstance, person, adversity, joy, etc. from your past and your present is your WORTH – it’s your life and because you’re alive, you’re 100% worthy no matter what.

To help you drill down into why most everyone never chooses 100 on the scale, check-out the Worthy Work below.


To Your Worth!



Considering that your self-worth has absolutely nothing to do with what has happened to you – or what is happening to you on the outside now, how do we all get this mixed up? That our circumstances – past and present – are a mirror to our own worthiness…good or bad?

Where you can make a shift here is to consider that you’ve been viewing yourself, your life and your own sense of worthiness as if your is on a scale like the one mentioned above.

That when something “good” happens then you’re worthy and deserving – and if something “bad” happens, then you must be bad or un-deserving.

It’s almost as if we were all taught – unconsciously of course – that our self-worth is like a volume dial that goes up and down based on what happens to us.

To shift this core wound that most everyone on the planet has – the first step – and something to contemplate as you go into your week is: nothing happens TO you, but everything happens FOR you.

Hard concept to grasp considering again, that most of us were brought up with beliefs around karma and if something bad happens we must be getting punished.

I’ll speak more about this in future articles, but in the meantime, just consider – what if everything that happened “good” and “bad” has happened FOR you and your own evolution vs. believing it’s happening TO you for your own punishment.

Some heavy thoughts for a Monday but I know you can handle it ;)

Enjoy your contemplating and realization that you are a 100 on the worth scale and always have been!




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