Looking for your worth in all the wrong places…

Posted on Aug 7, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

“Sometimes I think I feel unworthy.” A good friend of mine said the other day.

“Oh I can relasparklerphotote to that!” I replied.

“Doesn’t it suck?” He said.

I laughed and thought – he couldn’t have chosen better words to describe what feeling unworthy feels like.  It sucks!

That’s why most of us try our best to cover up that sucky feeling and chase something outside of us which we hope will fulfill the void and heal the “worth wound”.

Searching, seeking, looking outside of yourself for the next “thing”. Or maybe the next relationship or exciting experience will give you the feeling you seek.
The Truth is – seeking outside solutions fo an inside knowing will always turn up empty.

Yet, what you need to know is – you aren’t empty. There is a fullness and a uniqueness so deep within you – that if you’d turn within, you’d be discovering all the amazing aspects to you for the rest of your life – for eons really.

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However, society doesn’t teach us this. We’re taught – worthiness is about appearances. Look the part. Act the part. Possess the things that will support the part. And you’re golden.

Prove, convince, influence, impress – this is the name of society’s worth game.

But, the Truth is – worthiness doesn’t have a barometer attached to it. It doesn’t have a pot of gold at the end of the long life rainbow where finally, after enough paying your dues, then you will finally feel it.

Most importantly, Worth isn’t fleeting. It never leaves you. It IS you. Period.

So, the question remains: Where does this elicit feeling of worthiness live?  Where can you find it? And most importantly, how can you continue to build your awareness of it?

When I say worth is within what I mean is – your worth is your energy. Your soul. Your existence. Your unique fingerprint as a Being.

And the only way in which to discover, stand in, and claim your worth is to connect with yourself. Connection to yourself is about allowing yourself the opportunity to know who you really are – and what you’re truly made up of.

You may “think” you are your outer appearances – your roles in life, etc. – You may “think” you are your story – where you’ve been, what you’ve been through – and who you went through it with.

You are so much more than your appearances – and so much more than your story. You are a unique energy that can never be replicated.

Your story limits you. And, most likely, parts of that story are holding you back from becoming all that you can become.

Here is a practical way to start this process of expanding your view of yourself outside your story and connecting with your True Self (Your Worth): take some inventory of what you’re yearning to receive from others in your life. Is it more attention, appreciation, a feeling of something?

Then, your goal is – rather than point the finger outside at others for what they are (or aren’t) giving you – take the three fingers pointing back at you and give yourself what you’re wanting.

As you connect with and give yourself what you want on the inside, you’ll feel your sense of worthiness grow.

Give it a try!

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