When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Plans

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

”A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Having a million things on your plate is something I most definitely understand.

Yet, at the same time, there are practical strategies that allow you to gain more control over the things you can control – such as removing obligations and commitments that don’t align with your values – off your plate of life’s to do’s.

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In my opinion, that’s the “easy” stuff to remove. Not easy from the standpoint that it’s necessarily “easy” to do or implement – and have those difficult conversations with folks you need to disappoint, but “easy” in the sense that it’s totally doable – and there are practical ways to get you more time in your life to focus on what matters to you most right now.

But, what do you do when life throws you things that are completely out of your control? What do you do when there are absolutes in your life that you must deal with – and they aren’t a choice of obligation or do I want to, but I have to do this, this is a MUST do?

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Examples could include taking care of an elderly parent, supporting a close friend or family member as they go through a crisis, deal with your own hardship that includes loss, or stress, or just life not going the way you planned.

The question remains is: How do you continue on the path of growth and development – and aspiring to become who you’re meant to become – when life gets in the way?

Well, I realized this very recently as life has thrown me some flying saucers – and have clients that have realized it too. And, the Truth is: It will never be the “perfect” time for you to do whatever it is that you yearn to do.

Life will never be set-up “perfectly” for you to launch the business, or for you to finally take time for yourself and give your soul the reprieve it deserves. Life will never just stop and offer you the “perfect” circumstances to start whatever it is that you want to start.

The excuses will always be there – keeping you away from what you truly want – and keeping you stuck in the familiar patterns of the past.

So safe, but so bored and so unfulfilled.

The key is – making the choice to pay attention to yourself long enough to say – “If I don’t move forward, and take the first step, this year, where will I be next year?”

Check-out the “Worth Work” below where I provide you some ideas for how-to gain more of a sense of control when your life feels totally out of control.



This week contemplate the Truth that: Life is in constant motion and it’s nature is to change. The “outside world” – and what happens in “It” has a nature of evolution, that’s just a fact. Accepting this fact gives you great power.

When you can accept that the “outer world” and what you “see” each day is in a constant flux, how will this Truth affect your decisions for what you know deep in your soul is next for you?

For example, if you’ve been in a pattern of trying to fix, mold, and change your outside world through more “doing” –but life keeps getting in the way – and making you feel like – “I can’t catch a break!” – consider that your inner world may need more attention.

Most of us have been taught that we can change the outer world – by more striving, doing, trying hard, visualizing, etc. etc. Yet, oftentimes what happens is – you feel like you’re on a never-ending treadmill – on the fast-track to same ol’, same ol’ land!

When you dedicate time, energy and space to be with yourSELF – and align with where your soul is longing to take you, the outer world does begin to calm down. And “calm” – not necessarily in the sense that life gets any easier, or less is “coming at you”, but your perspective shifts, you gain more clarity on where you’re meant to go- and you’re able to cope with “what comes at you” easier.

As you go into your week, ask yourself, am I committing any time to my Inner World and my Inner Life? Or is all my time focused “out there” – where I consistently say No to Me – and Yes to Everything else?

As always, enjoy your week of contemplation…


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