Creative Business & Life Strategy Session

Are You a Someone Who Is:

  • STUCK on what to do next with your business and/or career?
  • Knows there is MORE to life and your work but can’t seem to figure-out what “IT” is?
  • Needs a tangible life & career VISION to pull you forward and get you motivated again?

Having someone to not only brainstorm with, but to help you get CLEAR on what’s next for you in your life and career, is tremendously valuable. All of us need a partner on the path from time-to-time – especially times when you’re feeling stuck, frustrated and lacking focus and direction.

Being a creative person with a ton of ideas and passion for what you desire to ‘do’ and share with the world is a tremendous gift – a gift where you’ve been given a creative mind that never stops filling up notepads and journals with all the ways you can serve the world and make a tremendous impact and difference.

Yet, it can also be overwhelming, stressful, frustrating and exhausting to be bearing the burden of all that potential – to have all that drive, all those ideas and passion, and have no idea where, or how-to, channel them.

Can you relate?

The Heavy Burden of Un-Tapped Potential

I understand first-hand what it’s like to feel like you’re pushing a boulder up-hill where things feel like a struggle because you’re lacking clarity, motivation and inspiration.

As one Peanut’s comic strip read: “There is nothing heavier than the burden of potential”.

It’s true. There is no heavier feeling than the burden of having a TON of creative potential and having absolutely no idea where or how to channel all of it – or how-to even begin!

This is why I designed the Kick Start Strategy Session – to serve creative business-oriented people, who have a ton of ideas, yet struggle with focus, direction and motivation. You simply need a “kick” to get you going again.

The Kick Start Strategy Session may be right for you if:

  • You are extremely creative. You consistently come up with ideas for various ways in which you could make a living doing what you love, yet you get lost and stuck in “analysis paralysis” and don’t know what to focus on first or where to get started.
  • You are motivated and career-oriented and sometimes go overboard with working and pushing too hard. You want to create a vision for your work, as well as your life. Overall, you’d love to see possibilities for how you can enjoy your time more.
  • You want to experience more purpose in your work and in your life. You’d love to have more life balance while also having a career that improves others lives in some way.
  • You’re craving a strategic, creative collaborative partner to bounce ideas off of. You’d love to explore all the possibilities for a career where you could take your creativity, knowledge, experience, background, talents and gifts and formulate clarity around how-to create a profitable, and effective, self-employment, or “intrapreneurship” career.

The 90-Minute Kick Start Strategy Session: Delivering A Clear Vision

We all need collaboration, especially strategic collaboration, in both business and in life – especially for you as a creative type – someone who has lots of great ideas, but you struggle with how-to implement them!

Through the 90-Minute Kick Start Strategy Session, we’ll work together to dig-deep down and uncover areas and opportunities inside of you that you most likely didn’t know existed. We will give you the space to be able to explore all the unlimited possibilities that exist for you, your life, and your work…ideas that you may never thought could even happen!

By leveraging my extensive strategic business background and creative intuition, I’ll help you get clear and focused on all the possibilities that exist for your ideal life and business, while helping you put together a tangible action plan to get started.

Here Is What You Get With Your Kick Start Strategy Session

  • A comprehensive @home Intake Kit that will take a comprehensive inventory of your passions, talents, gifts, core values, and relevant personal and professional history. This intake is fundamental in shaping the vision for your beautiful fulfilled future.
  • A 90-minute Phone Kick Start Strategy Session where we’ll walk-through your @home Intake and navigate through creating a vision for how you yearn for your life to look and how your work can serve that creative, meaningful life.
  • An MP3 recording your Kick Start Strategy Session to add to your success library or burn on CD and listen in your car to consistently remind you of your focus, motivation and overall strategy for the future.

If you’re interested in booking your Kick Start Strategy Session, simply Email Us and we’ll promptly send you your sign-up sheet.

All the Best to You and Your Success,
Brenda and The Claim Your Worth!® Team

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