Home Study Courses

The following courses are in the process of development – and are being designed to help you to Claim Your Worth!® in a variety of ways based on your learning style and needs. Read through the course descriptions below and see which option speaks to you based on what you’re craving right now. Also, please know that there is hands-on support available to you if you’d like to go deeper with the content and instructions on how-to do that within each course.

The Modern Woman’s Desktop Companion: Gain Clarity & Confidence For Business & Life Success (e-Guide)

If you’re craving a resource that will walk you through specific steps for gaining more clarity on what seems to be missing in your life, work and relationships – while also receiving a boost of inspiration and practical tips that will help you take action on a new vision – then the Modern Woman’s Desktop Companion Guide could be a great starter resource for you.

Inquire directly with us to find out Release Date and how this practical guide is designed to keep you focused, positive, and motivated as you ride the emotional roller coaster of business & life success.

The Modern Woman’s Soul Retreat: Search, Cleanse & Replenish Your Soul (e-Course or Home-Study Kit)

If you’re feeling burnt-out, stuck and disillusioned and craving some much needed time and space to just BE – then this e-Course may be just what your soul is yearning to experience. Packed with a variety of practical resources, tools, and life strategies, this program provides you with the opportunity to dig-deep and discover the Real You – and what’s needed for you to feel better in your own skin, while living a more joyful, peaceful and happy life!

Inquire directly with us to find out Release Date The Modern Woman’s Soul Retreat e-Course and how you can begin to live the life you were designed to live while continuing to discover your beautiful potential.

Unlock Your Hidden Value & Express Your Creativity with Confidence (e-Course or Home Study Kit)

This course is designed for you – a smart, ambitious, creative woman who is either in business for yourself or you hold a position within the corporate realm. You are looking to “up-level” in your career (and life) and gain more confidence, courage, and self-respect so you can confidently express yourself and your ideas while leading others. Yet, you continue to not take yourself seriously and passively watch others do what you yearn to do and aren’t sure why you continue to stay stuck on the side-lines.

Inquire directly with us to find out Release DateUnlock Your Hidden Value Program and how you can discover, claim and express the Real You – a calm, confident, courageous woman – who effortlessly leads and serves others, while shining in her own authentic spotlight.

Meanwhile, if you’re anxious to get started on your personal, professional and spiritual growth, and would like to learn more about 1:1 support, be sure to visit our Private Consultations page to learn more.