Having Trust Issues?

Posted on Oct 23, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

Have you ever considered that Trust is an energy? When I heard someone say that my ears perked up. That is usually what happens when you hear the Truth, you pay attention.

And energy is always in motion – therefore what you trust to happen, happens. It’s Universal Law. This happens because you trust that it WILL. In other words, you WILL it to happen with your trust.


What about when you continually intend for something to change or manifest, and you keep getting the same result? Have you asked yourself, what you’re trusting in?

Consider this:

  • Do you trust in doubt more than you trust in what you want?
  • Do you trust that it won’t happen MORE than your trust that it will?
  • Do you trust that if something good happens something bad is right around the corner?

Like everything in your life, this boils down to the trust that you have with yourself. You trust yourself – even in the areas you don’t necessarily want to!

You trust that you feel fear. You trust that feel doubtful. You trust that you have a past. You trust that you’ve been hurt. You trust that you’ve experienced failure.

You also trust that when you get up in the morning you’ll be okay as you head out the door. You trust that you’ll get to work and that people will be relatively nice to you. You trust that you’ll get a paycheck based on the work you do. And you trust that you’ll be able to get through life the way you always have. Right?

So, you do trust yourself – and you trust life on some level.

Where you may get stuck is: Trusting yourself and your life to be any different – or dramatically different – then it has been. This is where you trust your story (a.k.a. your past) MORE than you trust your destiny.

Somewhere deep inside is nodding yes to that statement.

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Your story keeps you stuck in past patterns and in an identity of who you told yourself you were/are based on what you experienced.

If you yearn for things to change, and to for you to go after what you truly want, it’s time to ask yourself: What do I truly trust is going to happen to me? An even more important question is, what do you truly trust you’re worthy of receiving/accepting?

The only time you have is NOW. Now is when you embrace the aspects of yourself that you’re resisting. Embrace your doubt so you can embrace your trust. Embrace your fear so you can embrace your Faith. Embrace your disconnection to yourself so you can embrace how connected you truly are.

Trust that you will find what you’re seeking, even if the parts that you don’t want to see keep showing up. Trust that they need healing vs. shunning. Trust that they are showing you the contrast that you believe in MORE than what you say you want. Embrace them so you can embrace your wholeness.

Trust that good is here now. Trust that the best is yet to BE. And trust that what you know deep within your soul is your destiny – is your destiny.  Trust it.

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