Giving Your Worth Away

Posted on May 5, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

Giving your worth away is like sliding all your power across a table and asking someone else – am I good enough?

If you really think about it – we’ve all been taught to give our power away and rely on feeling good about ourselves from what others think. As kids we do this with the authority figures in our lives – looking up at them – smaller and shorter – and thinking: Am I enough?

This habit gets transferred to our adult lives in many ways also – not only when it comes to our personal worth – how we feel about ourselves, our capabilities, talents, what we have, don’t have, etc. – but also our spiritual worth – our relationship with Source – our creator.

I had honestly never made the distinction, until recently, between personal worth and spiritual worth – but the distinction does help – especially when you’re a spiritual seeker and in need of deeper answers to where your life is not only going, but what it’s all for.

And, what I find happening with so many, especially in this “New Age” – is carrying the habit of handing power over to others – others who claim to have your answers – others who claim to know where your life is going – and what your destiny is.

Trust me, I’ve gone to many a psychic looking for not only my answers and life path, asking them with the utmost sincerity – is it all going to work out? In other words, tell me, does God really have my back?

What I’ve learned through my own direct experience and that of my clients is: only hire people who will support you in eliciting the Truth from within you. Work with others who will support you in realizing that you have all the power within you.

Just like with Dorothy’s mentor, Glenda, in the Wizard of Oz – she allowed her to go down the yellow brick road only to find that the road led her to her own Truth. The Truth included that the wizard was just a puppet master who she wanted to have her answers – but could never provide her with what she needed most.

To delve in a bit deeper into what we all need most, check-out the Worthy Work below to help you find your answers and realize your spiritual worth has never been outside of you.



What we all need most is to know that our spiritual worth resides within and that there aren’t any intermediaries required to get you to your Truth and your connection with Source. The only intermediaries are those who will help you go within and connect you to your Source – not try to be your Source.

Decipher Co-Dependence vs. Catalyst: There are many a coach, therapist, expert, and yes, “guru” who subconsciously want you to be co-dependent on them. They may not intentionally realize they are setting things up this way – but it happens. Your job is to dicern and decipher for yourself by asking: do I feel more insightful as a result of this support or do I feel more dependent and find myself worshiping them and needing them for answers or validation? You’ll know the answer to this when you realize you’re stronger, more empowered and feel more full vs. feeling dependent on anything or anyone outside of yourself.

Beware of False God Worship: We all know that one of the Ten Commandments is “You shall have no other Gods before me”…in other words – no one should stand between you and your relationship with God – your True Source. Yet, again, the set-up in life is to do exactly this. We are trained as little kids (and as adults) that authority figures – parents, teachers, older siblings, well meaning friends, bosses, spouses, etc. have our answers and know what’s best.

Your Relationships Are Your Mirrors: Glenda in the Wizard of Oz was a reminder to Dorothy of her innate wisdom and power. Glenda was a mirror for Dorothy to look into – where eventually the outer image changed as a result of her inner knowing. The outer world is a mirror to our inner world – and so are our relationships. Our most challenging relationships act as mirrors and show us our “stuff” that needs to be healed. What you don’t like in others is what you don’t like in yourself. What you worship in others is what you yet have to worship within yourself.

The big lesson here is to take notice – the world and your life are beautiful mirrors for you to look into and heal – that’s why they’re there – to love you back into wholeness – if you choose to look at your life and your relationships this way. It’s a very healing perspective but one that takes immense courage.

As always, you have the power of choice.




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