Fear of Making Changes

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

““Put your expectations on God, not on people.” ~Joyce Meyer

Many self-help teachers teach about feeling resistance and how if you’re stuck, you need to break through that stuck-ness with action.

I agree – action is powerful when it comes to getting yourself un-stuck from say – not exercising. Great advice is to – as Nike says – Just Do It!®.

Yet, when it comes to creative stuck-ness, there are deeper needs that must be dealt with to move forward – especially since creativity and self-expression are directly aligned to “being seen” and you claiming your worth.

Often, when you feel a stirring in your soul to do more creativity – a common fear that comes up is – a fear of being judged. This fear of being judged and exposed blocks you from moving forward and keeps you stuck feeling resentful and frustrated.

Although when you’re creatively stuck whether in your life, your work, or even in your relationships – you may not be able to put your finger on what the block is.

This is where ambivalence comes in. Yearning for something MORE, yet feeling fearful of moving towards that something MORE.

Creative self-expression is about MORE – it’s about expansion, growing, expanding – and yes – being and feeling more exposed/seen. And, when you’re seen, you are a target for feeling judged.

The important thing to know as well is: this fear happens at every level of growth that you are experiencing. As I’ve been advising my clients who are on the verge of going to a new level with their work – “New Level, New Devil” – which essentially is saying – the inner work never stops.

Many folks are disappointed to learn that the inner work never stops – but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be difficult or hard. It’s all about deciding how you’ll approach your growth – and how you’ll commit to your expansion.

Check-out the Worthy Work below to delve a bit further into this fear of judgment that tends to hold you back from claiming your worth in all areas of your life.


To Your Worth!



1. Lose the False Idols: For years in my work I idolized and gave my power away to ‘teachers’ in my field who I believed had all the answers. I’ve done this in my personal life too – given my power away to another person believing they had my self-worth in their possession. In order to lose your fear of judgment, you must realize there is only one God to please and that God made you with the same stardust He/She made the Universe with. Contemplate this Truth – you’re special, unique, and loved unconditionally and were forethought, not an afterthought.

2. You’ve Outgrown Your Childhood: Yes it’s true. You’ve outgrown your childhood but when it comes to your creative self-expression, parts of you (certain ages from adolescence) can still be “frozen in time”. Parts of you when you were really young (ages 3-7) have very different fears and needs than parts of you when you were a teenager. Honor that the fears that you have about being seen and thus being judged and ridiculed most likely are smaller child parts that must be honored and healed. The only way these fears will get revealed however are when you’re courageous enough to ask your soul what it longs to express – that’s the good/not so good news ;)!

3. You are worthy of JOY: Pleasing other people doesn’t bring you joy – it brings you the exact opposite. Yet, right along with the fear of judgement is the fear of losing love. You may not realize it or not, but those frozen parts are afraid of feeling joy again because when you did – you may have experienced trauma from it. Someone may have been jealous of your joy, your radiance, your happiness – so you shut-down to make them feel better. To heal this, go back to Point #1.

Overall, a fear of being judged does boil down to people pleasing and being addicted to approval. Ease up on yourself if you struggle with this – we all do – at every level. Be gentle, kind, yet stearn with yourself. Ask God to help you heal this – and you’ll be creatively expressing yourself all over the place – and being the unique, gorgeous, Authentic You! We need to SEE you so we can applaude you, not judge you…get to it!




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