Facing a Crossroads

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Trust your own heart. It knows the right way.”

Decisions, decisions. They are ce

crossroadsrtainly hard to make – especially when they pertain to really important things – key things – things that are aligned with you experiencing a brighter future.

Today I’m sharing a personal story with you that provides a beautiful example of what it looks like to make a decision from your head vs. your heart and how it can put you on a temporary detour to pursuing your life’s calling.

Years back, when I hit a wall in my career, I prayed for a miracle that would show me the way out, and into a career that I loved.

I still remember the day that I found the answer to my prayer as I googled a term that brought-up a link to an upcoming workshop that was focused on career transitions more in line with your soul/heart..

Not only was I excited to find the workshop, but even more excited to learn that it was being held in Maine three months to the day!

I immediately signed up.

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The seminar was fantastic! It included a weekend full of insight from experts who knew their stuff about how to make the transition from working at a job just to survive – to a career that you love.

After the seminar was over, I decided to hire one of the experts for a one-hour CONSULT session. In prep for the session, I sent the expert my resume and also answered the various questions they had posed to me about the future work I was interested in pursuing.

On the day of the call I was very nervous to speak with this expert about what my future held for me. I remember feeling nervous about what they had to say to me about what I *should* do moving forward.

During the call, the expert and I discussed my professional background at length. We talked about my decision to go to business school and study marketing and eventually have a successful, yet totally un-fulfilling, career in sales.

I explained to the expert that I was very interested in pursuing a career as a life/career coach after experiencing the powerful transformations I saw at the workshop.

The expert listened to my desire to coach but then, in one moment, by some simple words, made me feel deflated. No blame on her – it was my habit of believing others knew what was best for me..

The expert explained that she thought, with my strong business background, that I *should* probably start a marketing consultancy company. She went on to tell me that coaches don’t talk as much as I do – and I’d be better off as a consultant (exact words. I kid you not).

Now, a pattern in my life that I continually work on transforming is – giving my power, my self-worth, my own Truth, and my own ability to make decisions – over to other people. This habit is steeped in a deep rooted belief that others know better and have more “authority” than I do. It’s trusting what my head says I *should* do vs. what my heart knows is TRUE.

Can you relate?

Well, fast forward 10 years and clearly, I followed my own heart and made the decision to trust God vs. trust what some expert told me I *should* do based on my resume.

A photo by Greg Rakozy. unsplash.com/photos/oMpAz-DN-9IWhat helped me make that eventual decision was leveraging what I needed most – a coach vs. a consultant!

Working with a coach helped me to move away from the pursuit of a marketing consultancy and into the arms of the Divine who had my future waiting through the guidance within my own heart.

Clearly, my relying on an expert’s advice on what I *should* do is also a beautiful testament to the power and transformational effectiveness of coaching – which, in the long-run made me appreciate what I do that much more.

Now, this of course isn’t to say that experts don’t give great advice. Heck, the consultant was right about one thing, I do talk a lot and consistently offer insights and advice to my clients.

Yet, the main difference is: advice from someone else should resonate with your soul and feel RIGHT vs. feeling like an affirmation vs. making you feel disempowered.

To learn more about how-to start the process of learning to follow the advice of your own heart vs. feeling as if the outside world, and those in it, have your answers – check-out the below Worthy Work. Hope it resonates ;)!



We are all taught to listen to the advice of authority figures when were little kids. And this is valuable of course because as kids, we need people who are going to keep us safe.

As adults, I still believe we need people around us to keep us feeling safe and secure. Yet, I also believe we need people around us who will challenge us to consistently move out of our comfort zones.

As a creative soul, you have needs to feel safe, but you also have needs to feel uncertain, excited, and yes, un-safe!

If you are at a crossroads with a decision that you need to make, rather than picking up the phone and asking a friend, a family member, or an expert, What should I do?, carve-out some quiet time and listen to the voice of your heart.

Get into some serious silence, put your hand over your heart and simply ask: What’s next? What’s right for me? Where would YOU have me go?

Simple, simple advice but please don’t mistake the simplicity for lacking power. You are here to do influential, great thing, but in order to do them, you must become someone who aligns with your own Truth vs. the Truth of others.

Others may have the best of intentions but only God knows what His/Her intentions are for you and your soul’s journey.

Your soul will guide you down the right path every time. This doesn’t mean it will be all smooth sailing. As the quote says: The path to True Love never did run smooth.

But I promise you, the insight, the growth, the learning, the RADIANCE you will gain along the way will be completely WORTH IT!


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