Do you ever feel this way about your self worth?

Posted on Jul 17, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

carefreewomanThis past weekend I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine. And, true to form, she and I were getting deep into conversation about life, love and everyday worthiness.

I remember at some point in our conversation I had said to her – there is a big misconception in our society that the more you DO the more you’re worth.

Have you ever stopped to think about this?

Now that you have, do you have a belief system that aligns with this?

Believing that the more you do, achieve and show what you can do to the world, the more you earn your worth and finally can receive what you want.

This earning of worth is a feeling as if you huff and puff and try harder and harder and finally, after you’ve exerted yourself, then you can feel accomplished and worthy.

Can you relate?

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This may sound dramatic – but if you take the time to contemplate how you truly feel about an area of your life that you care deeply about – and want to manifest great things in – ask yourself:

Do I feel like I need to work hard to earn this manifestation?

If the answer is yes, read on. If the answer is no, congratulations! You have a gift for realizing that worth does not need to be earned or worked hard for – it simply IS.

Okay, for those of us who were brought up on the concept that hard work, long hours, and proving yourself – were mantras to be lived by, consider these Truths:

Worth Is Your Nature
Take some time to witness nature and ask yourself, does nature need to prove itself in order to receive? Do the birds have to beg and fly around to get access to the natural food they eat? Nope. Animals and nature KNOW what they are part of, and don’t have an inner critic yelling telling them to earn and prove before they can have. They allow themselves to receive because they know they’re part of the natural order – and so are we. It’s very simple.

Simplicity Is Solid
Speaking of simple, simplicity is sold. What I mean by this is – when you simplify your life you allow yourself to become magnetic. Consider the word simple – what comes up inside you when you hear this word? Do you cringe? It’s normal if you do because it’s in close correlation with feeling you need to earn your worth vs. claim it. Yet, taking nature into consideration again – nature is very simple. It’s most definitely complex and can be destructive and disruptive – however, nature just IS. We accept it. We can’t fight it – we don’t control it. The same is true for how you ALLOW your manifestations to come into form. You allow yourself to have the desire – and then you allow nature to take it’s course and come to you vs. feeling like you need to go out and get.

BE A Manifestation Magnet
Speaking of receiving and allowing, consider yourself to be a magnet to all that comes to you. The concept of earning and fighting for what you want is unnecessary energy that doesn’t need to be there. Allowing what you want to come to you – well that’s energy well spent. Some may view this as a “lazy” approach – or passive – but this approach is the farthest thing from passive. Allowing and focusing is magnetic and as I said above, being simple is solid – it grounds you. Imagine being able to dream up something you desire to happen, then, you let go of it and give it over to the Universe to bring to you when you’re ready for it. You do this all the time with things you don’t care that much about – but with the things you really do care about, well thats a different story.

In my view, the Claim Your Worth! journey is all about giving yourself permission. Permission to BE. Permission to Love. Permission to Live. Permission to experience Joy.

GIVE yourself the GIFT of allowing – and for the next 30 days take an area of your life where you’ve felt really attached to an outcome, and read the Truths above, and apply them – watch what happens!

Happy magnetizing…

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