Do You Have A Dream?

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C. S. Lewis

Do you have a vision that you’re longing see come to fruition?

Or do you know you’d like something to be different but you aren’t sure what that something different may be?

Or, maybe you’d like to challenge yourself to go to another level in your life/work and want to set some new goals.

I believe the hardest part is the having clarity about what it is that you’re wanting and then having the courage to not only listen to what it is that you yearn for, but to act on it.

Daring to dream is an act of bold courage. It’s not only bold to act on your dreams “out there” but even more courageous to get over the inner critic that can scream at you in your head telling you that you’re not good enough, too old, not talented enough, or too much of a perfectionist.

It’s either not enough or too much of something right? It’s not true, but that inner critic can be real convincing…

Yet, in the spirit of the man that we celebrate today, let’s take his advice of having the courage to not only “Have a Dream…” but to speak that Vision to everyone and then boldly support it and have others support into fruition.

Your dreams have that power too – it’s just believing and having the conviction to see them through.

Check-out the Worthy Work below for some practical steps to help you take your visions and dreams and make them a reality in 2015.



If you have a dream you’d like to see manifest but aren’t sure how it will happen, or yearn to infuse new life into a former dream – or maybe you aren’t sure where you’re headed but would like to change direction, the following thoughts should help:

Go for the Giggle: Yes, go for the giggle! When you’re dreaming, you don’t want to be realistic – that this it the beauty of dreaming – to allow yourself opportunity to just allow your imagination to run wild – and if you’re giggling while you dream all the better – you’re truly onto something! Wherever you are in the dreaming life-cycle, give yourself permission to just let go and turn off your brain and allow your heart to dream – use visuals, write down your inspirations – and let your creativity spill out of you vs. trying to dictate the process.

Verbalize as Well as Visualize: It’s so important to have a Vision – figuratively and literally….yet only having that vision in your head won’t give it much power – you need to verbalize it. The first step to this is writing down your visions. Clients often resist my suggestion to this and aren’t sure why. It’s because when you write things down you make them more real – and that can feel scary! But we are all about being bold right? So, buy yourself a beautiful, big journal (if you don’t already have one) and start writing, dreaming and visioning – and first verbalizing your dreams to yourself. You can then share your dreams only with those you trust to not bash them (this is critical – only creativity supporters allowed!).

An Hour A Day: We can all find an hour a day if it’s something important to us. Just think about your favorite TV. show – you find an hour (or two or three) to watch that right? Giving your dreams time is critical but most people stop making progress because trying to juggle everyday life with pursuing your dreams can feel tremendously overwhelming. This is why carving out one hour a day can really make a big difference in you making progress. The key is to literally only giving you an hour – no more, no less. Set an egg-timer if you need to but start and then stop on time. This way you won’t feel resentful of your dreams taking up too much of your time – even if you were on a creative roll – stop at the designated time.

These tips and steps may sound really simple – and they are! It’s important to not make the process of dream-making too complicated. Just start now and watch how far you come in 30 days from now!


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