Creating A Fresh Start

Posted on Jul 22, 2013 | by Brenda Stanton

“Your soul holds the pen for how you deeply yearn for your life to look and how you want your time to feel.”

It’s true. Your soul hold the pen for not only what you yearn to *have* in your life, but more importantly, how you want your time to *feel*.

If we delve deeper into why we want certain things to happen, it’s for the experience, not necessarily the “thing”.

Things are nice but I believe experiences are better.

As I mentioned in last week’s article: The Law of Attraction’s Underbelly, your soul is truly the one in control. Our soul agreed to have certain experiences in this life to grow and evolve – and more times than not – those experiences can choose to be challenging.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that you are completely powerless. Far from it. Your soul speaks to you each day and gives you intuitive nudges to move you in the direction it wishes to go.

What needs to be realized is: what resistance do you feel to trusting your intuition when you’ve been taught to value, honor, and worship your mind?

This is the hardest part on the spiritual journey – realizing that your soul has all the answers – and it guides you on your individual path – not anyone else’s – yours and yours alone. Tapping into this wisdom is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your life.

This is a hard concept to grasp since 1) society teaches us to follow others advice and “they” know better (who are “they” anyway, does anyone know?) and 2) allowing your soul to guide you will create a unique life – a life that doesn’t follow the norm or look like the norm.

Not following the “norm” – being your own person – allowing your soul to guide you to your most unique, fully expressed life is going to take courage. It’s also going to take confidence because others may define you as a “black sheep” or a “rebel”.

If you’re ready to more fully embrace your blank slate and create a life that is truly unique, check-out the Worthy Work below to get some tips on how to get started on the creative process to doing just that.


To Your Worth!



As Bear Bryant said: “There’s no substitute for guts”. And, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote – Well behaved women seldom make history. All very true statements that reinforce that living by other people’s expectations will most likely leave you disappointed and basing your worth on how others think you should live vs. how your soul yearns to live.

Here are some thoughts I’d love you to ponder as you go into your week:

How has my life been set-up perfectly to live a soul-driven life?

How have my circumstances in life – which most likely don’t look like everyone else’s – given me permission to live a very unique life?

What scares me about living a life that doesn’t look like everyone else’s? What judgments do I fear based on how society teaches us that “success” looks like?

Give thought to these questions…and mark your thoughts down in your journal. Remember, a soul-driven life will never, ever, ever look like anyone else’s.

You are an original – a masterpiece and God speaks to you through your soul. Will you give yourself permission to listen and act on that intuition? It’s always your choice.




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