Create a Vision For Yourself

Posted on Nov 26, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

“You must go after your wish. As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.” ~Barbara Sher

I’ve been having many discussions with people as of late –where this is one common denominator: People are craving change and for some new life and energy to be infused back into their lives, work and relationships.


Can you relate with this feeling? As if you need a boost, a shot of inspiration, a new vision perhaps?

I find that many people resonate with the saying that Barbara Sher, inspirational author coined: “I know I could do anything if I only knew what “IT” was!”

Again, can you relate with this?

It’s one thing to empower people to go after and pursue their heart-felt desires and dreams. Yet, it’s just as important, absolutely imperative, to know what those visions and dreams are and WHY you’re pursuing them!

If you feel as if your dreams have been a little lack-luster lately and need to be infused with new life and hope, check-out the Worthy Work below to start the process of digging into what you really want and what first steps you need to take now to move you closer to that vision.



In my home office, I have a beautiful little, colorful plaque that inspires me each day. It states: do what makes your heart flutter. Great advice right? To help you do what makes your heart flutter, below are some things to consider. You’ll notice a pattern with me using the word YOUR in each tip – this is because you are the only one who will ever know truly what makes YOUR heart flutter – honor and trust this fact. Here are some tips:

Tune-into YOUR feelings/emotions: For an entire week, simply notice how you feel with certain activities, information that you’re taking in on t.v. or reading, and how you feel when you’re around certain people. Life is all about ENERGY – and emotions are simply energy-in-motion. In order to decipher what makes your heart flutter, you must witness what does and what doesn’t and dicern how-to move towards what makes you feel more alive, and again, what doesn’t. Document this for an entire week – who and what makes you feel more alive and who and what doesn’t.

Carve-out YOUR path: When you’re infusing new hope and life into your dreams, a natural tendency is to want to share this excitement with others – this is great! The only detriment is when sharing turns into: “What do you think?” to people who aren’t following their own life’s path and honoring what makes their heart flutter. As is said in Note Worthy time and again, following your own unique path is an inside job and one in which you must have the courage to trust what your heart wants and craves and then have the courage to act on that.

YOU’RE Supported: What many of us forget, especially when you begin to honor your heart/soul is, you are supported by the entire Universe whom speaks to you in your heart. You aren’t alone on the path, nor are you 100% responsible for what happens and what results you get. The trick is – knowing what you can control and are responsible for and knowing what you’re not. You are responsible for listening to what makes your heart flutter and taking action to support these urges. The results you get are up to the Universe…this is where your Trust and Faith muscles get a great work-out!

Overall, to get motivated and inspired again, start with Step 1 – feeling your feelings and then begin to move towards what feels good and do your best to remove what doesn’t.


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