Courage To Be Your True Self

Posted on Nov 20, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

“If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?” ~Gloria Steinem


Most of us were taught at an early age to change (more accurately hide) who we really are in order to “fit-into” situations that are uncomfortable – but needed for our survival.

Have you ever considered that the parts of you that you thought were your hold-backs – were just protection mechanisms?

Have you ever considered that you needed to hide away parts of you that are LIGHT, bright, capable, strong, and glowing – in order to not outshine or intimate others?

Again, consider Gloria’s question: “If the shoe doesn’t fit, must we change the foot?”

Unfortunately most of us are taught unconsciously to make the answer to her question a resounding YES!

Yes, I must fit into the job that I hate in order to survive.

Yes, I must make the relationship that I know deep down inside – isn’t the right fit – work against all odds – in order to survive.

Yes, I must believe my inner critic when it tells me that I shouldn’t even
bother trying because I’ll never be able to do what I dream of doing anyway – in order to survive.

Yes, I must dim my light and my innate radiance so other people won’t feel intimidated around me – in order to survive..

But, and this is a big but, It’s now time to begin to question these
influences – and to begin to question your beliefs about yourself.

It’s time to stop being a pro at suriving and just getting by.

Consider this: In the areas you think you’re limited and lacking, what if you’re wrong?

What if you’re wrong – and they were wrong – and all those things you believed about what others said, and then you internalized to say about yourself – was all wrong?

To even consider and fathom this thought can feel mind boggling because the false and limiting beliefs get so ingrained – but it’s possible!

So, to give some more power (and humor) to this, I share a couple videos below so you can see how we all – even Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem – hide parts of ourselves to
make others feel more comfortable us.

Yet, just like a really uncomfortable pair of shoes, we need to eventually escape them and walk bare foot in the grass – where it’s cool, comfortable and smooth.

Remember this, the easiest thing you’ll ever do is become your True Self. And the hardest thing you’ll ever do is become your True Self.



If you aren’t familiar with Jane Fonda’s character Barbarella, you can get familiar
with her by clicking here

And, in this short videoThe Reintegration of Barbarella, Gloria Steinem not only speaks about Jane’s experience with playing the part of Barbarella – and then feeling like she had to hide her – BUT, her own experience with peer pressure and dimming her LIGHT to make others feel more comfortable around her.

After watching, consider these questions:

What parts of you have you had to hide, diminish and snuff-out in order to make others (including yourself) be comfortable in your presence?

Do you fear becoming the next level of the Real You because you fear others not liking you?

If there were parts of yourself that you hide for fear that others may not accept them, what are they? And is it really YOU who is afraid of accepting them?

Hmmm – I think we can all ponder these questions and get some great insights! Have fun contemplating!


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