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Posted on Nov 25, 2011 | by Brenda Stanton

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do. ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

This past weekend I facilitated a workshop with a fabulous group of creative, soulful, ambitious, smart women who all have one thing in common: the desire to live a creative, meaningful life – which encompasses more flexibility, freedom, and FUN!

And the key aspect that goes along with experiencing more flexibility, freedom and fun in your life and work is really a feeling that we all crave – fluidity. The ability to live life in union with your soul – where everyday you take action that feels productive and peaceful.

Imagine that for a moment –to feel productive and peaceful at the same time. Interesting concept for sure – but one that may feel foreign as most of us were taught that to get results, to achieve success, to have anything “pay-off”, that hard work was the value to prioritize in your life.

Yet, for a creative soul that craves MORE – more space, more time, more authentic success – in life and work – the peace along with the productivity have to be absolute yes’s in order to be aligned fully with what you’re here to “do” and be.

As I mentioned in the article: The Quality Of Your Life living life in line with what you value most – and learning to get good at putting your own priorities ahead of others – is both an art and a skill.

And that’s what the gals at this past weekend’s workshop discussed the most – learning how-to clear the clutter and create the space to not only pursue their authentic visions that live in their hearts and get more clarity on what those look like, but to open up more space for better opportunities to be brought into their life and work that couldn’t get “in” before.

So the question remains, how do you learn to uncover what clutter exists that mucking up your vision to see clearly? And, once you discover the clutter – whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc. – how do you clear it away to open yourself up to receive the more that you’re craving?

To help answer these questions, check-out the Worthy Work below with some tips to help you see more clearly and see what the Universe has in store for you.



To help you clear the clutter and create more space in your life and work, the first step is for you to get honest with yourself about what really matters most to YOU – the Real You – right now in your life and work.

  • Distinguish Other’s Should’s vs. Your True Values: when evaluating what matters most to you, most likely you’ll bump up against some serious *shoulds* in terms of what *should* matter to you based on what you were told by others. Your goal: get honest about what matters most to YOU – even if it feels “selfish” for you to want it. Most likely, what matters most is for you to have more time to create, to discover more about who you really are, and what you’re made of – all while being able to pursue your passions and to follow your intuition that will lead you to more meaningful work and a higher quality life.
  • Prioritize & Organize: after evaluating what matters most to you – and getting really honest with yourSELF, you want to prioritize and organize your thoughts. For example, take the top 3 areas of your life that need attention and focus in the next 90 days. To give you a hint – your categories titles could be: home & surroundings, work/career, financial health, spiritual development, fun/leisure, family/friends, physical well-being, emotional well-being, etc. Your goal:distinguish what are your top 3 right now. All the areas may be priority to you – but what 3 feel like they need the most attention.
  • Purge Your Priorities – now that you know your top 3 areas of focus (in the next 90 days), your inclination may be to get cracking on a “to-do” list and adding more things onto your plate. Yet, I’m encouraging to start purging. Your goal: In order to create space and become open and receptive to receiving more clarity in these areas, you need to create space for the Divine to bring you more vs. you feeling like you need to do more. For example, if your priority is work/career, what files can you purge, throw-out and create more space? If one of your priorities is fun/leisure, what 5 things can you purge off your calendar in the next month that will create space for fun and leisure to come in?

After gaining a bit of clarity, most of our natural inclination is to go right to the “to-do” list and try to figure-out what needs to be done next.

Yet, I’m encouraging you to focus on allowing vs. doing – to let go and clear the clutter so you can begin to see first-hand how supported you already are – and how the Divine/Universe is waiting outside your door to bring you what you need – and deserve!

Have fun with your clearing the clutter and purging. I promise you – more of what you truly desire will come in when you allow it – and feel worthy enough to receive it!




To Your Worth!

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