Chasing Self Worth

Posted on Dec 18, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton


We all have areas of life where our self-worth feels very high – areas where you don’t struggle, you manifest very easily and have the utmost confidence.  You most likely hardly think about this area of your life – because it doesn’t create a challenge for you – you own your worthiness – it flows easily and effortlessly.

Then, another area of your life feels the exact opposite.  Your self-worth feels fleeting – as if you can’t grasp it no matter how hard you try.  You feel undeserving, unworthy – and can’t put your finger on why.  You feel unable to manifest or make something happen – even though you try to change it, heal it or fix what you perceive to be wrong with you or the situation.   You feel stuck and can’t find a way out.

Imagine the area where your self-worth feels high is like a free-flowing river – it flows.  And the area where your self-worth feels low is like a mouse in a maze – lots of obstacles and you can’t seem to find a way out – or a way to get to the cheese!

Now imagine, that you are stuck in that maze – trying to get to the thing you want (a.k.a. your cheese)  You most likely use your mind to think through it – and strategize how you can get what you want.  You may try to control the situation – or try to get others to help give you the instructions on how-to get out of the maze.  You may believe that you are broken and need to fix something about yourself – in order to feel worthy of what you want.  But nothing seems to work.

The Truth is – the lesson to learn is – the maze is an illusion.  There are only the thoughts that you think about yourself and your situation that create the perceived maze of obstacles and unworthiness.  You may think you’re broken and need fixing but you don’t.  The only thing that’s broken is the hamster wheel of thoughts that keep repeating to you a story of unworthiness. Your key lesson is to learn how-to disassemble that repetitive hamster wheel of thoughts that bring you down into a story that keeps you stuck in past patterns. 

So, the question remains, how do you get off the hamster wheel of thought – and into the Truth?  How do you get out of that perceived maze of unworthiness and into a clear state of Truth about how worthy you really are?

Step 1:  Become aware of your thoughts.  Simply witness them vs. get engaged with them and starting to dance and eventually having a full fleged dance party with them.

Step 2:  Once you become aware of your thoughts and witness them, realize that you are the witness of your thoughts.  You are viewing them, not the other way around.  Your thoughts had control over you and have been giving you an identity of what you’re worthy of, and what you’re not.  The Truth is, you have control to stop and witness and identify with being the witness vs. being the thinker.  This changes everything.

Step 3:  When you align and identify with being the witness, you realize that your thoughts are like little puffs of clouds – they don’t hold as much weight as you thought they did.  You realize that you much MORE than your thoughts – and that when you allow yourself to witness the thoughts and not engage with them or give them any weight – you feel free.

Realize this:  you formed thoughts about yourself long ago to make sense of situations that were hurtful.  You told yourself why things happened the way they did – and you told yourself (in order for things to make sense) that you were unworthy, or stupid, or inadequate.  Then, this story took on a life of it’s own and through the law of attraction, the unworthy thoughts attracted circumstances to prove you right about being wrong ;) 

You have the power to change this – and there is a purpose to it.  Once you learn to change it – you’ll no doubt help others to change it too.

As always, the choice is yours.

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