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Living In The Present

Posted on Sep 11, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton
Last week I watched a great movie that i highly recommend: Way of the Peaceful Warrior.
It’s based on the author, Dan Millman’s true story about running into a spiritual teacher who would teach him Truth and philosophies that would change his life forever.
The movie (there is a book as well) is so good at demonstrating how we all get stuck in thought patterns that keep us stuck in either the past or the future – and how most of us don’t value the NOW.
We all hear this message “out there” in various forms and messages.  Be Present.  Stay in the moment.  All we have is NOW.  The present is a present.
True, but how do you apply these concepts to your life?  How do you realize what being in the NOW actually gives to your life right now?


What is the opposite of confidence?

Posted on Aug 21, 2016 | by Brenda Stanton

“Trust in yourself and your own knowing is the definition of confidence.” 

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Have you ever learned to really TRUST yourself?

When I say trust, I mean deep within, without anyone else’s input – true trust in yourself and what you want to do vs. what everyone else thinks you should do

You may answer this quickly by stating – yes absolutely!  I do what I want.

Yet I bet, if you were assigned someone to follow you around for an entire week and have them observe how many times you sought the opinions of others – or asked others – what do you think I should do? – you ‘d be astonished!

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We all would be astonished how many times we look to the outside world for an inside answer.  You can read how I’ve done it myself here

I’m not saying the advice and opinions of others aren’t valid – they absolutely are.   Yet, my suggestion would be to ask the opinions and advice of others who will guide you to the answers within yourself vs. telling you what they think you should do.

This isn’t an easy thing to do – give up giving up your power – but it’s an incredibly brave and powerful thing to do when you connect with your own Truth and Knowing – and then, have the courage to act upon it.


Are You Working Too Hard On Yourself?

Posted on Nov 9, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

gypsywoman“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” ~Joseph Campbell

While working with my own coach, we were chatting about an area that I feel blocked in.

As any great coach does, many questions later, he called me on my stuff.

“Did you notice what you just said?”

“Ummm, no what?” I replied.

“When I asked you what it is that you truly want to transform in this area – you went right to yourself and said – I’m working on it.”

He went on to say: “Why are you treating yourself as if you’re a project? What if there is absolutely nothing that you need to work on, improve, or do in order to BE who you really are?

I sat there in silence thinking – I’ve probably said the same exact thing to my own coaching clients – but in that moment, it was the loudest Truth I had ever heard.

I’m sharing this example of my own coaching because I think in the New Age era where there are literal Self Help sections in the bookstore – we all need to question – what are we trying to help within ourselves vs. become within ourselves?

In that moment with my coach, I realized a lifetime pattern of treating myself, my life, and whatever was blocking me at that time – as a project – as something that has a start, finish and an end.

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View Yourself Through A New Lens

Posted on Apr 13, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Whatever is happening in your life is coming from an image you hold about yourself.” -Sanaya Roman

Have you ever thought of the mental image you hold of yourself?

Most likely, you have different mental images of yourself in different areas of your life. For example, you could view yourself in one way in regard to work and a completely different way when it comes to relationships.

As you think about the mental image you have of yourself, consider the mental image you think others have of you. Do these images coincide and parallel – or are they varied?


Where Change Really Happens

Posted on Mar 23, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Life is a trapeze: Without letting go, there is no show. ~Dinabandhu Sarley

The other night I saw a license plate with the word “Trapeze” on it. It reminded me of the above quote as well as a very well known poem that I wanted to share with you.

I found the poem in a place where it states that IIN founder, Joshua Rosenthal wrote it – or referenced it – regardless it’s a good one! Hope you enjoy!


Do You Have A Dream?

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C. S. Lewis

Do you have a vision that you’re longing see come to fruition?

Or do you know you’d like something to be different but you aren’t sure what that something different may be?

Or, maybe you’d like to challenge yourself to go to another level in your life/work and want to set some new goals.

I believe the hardest part is the having clarity about what it is that you’re wanting and then having the courage to not only listen to what it is that you yearn for, but to act on it.

Daring to dream is an act of bold courage. It’s not only bold to act on your dreams “out there” but even more courageous to get over the inner critic that can scream at you in your head telling you that you’re not good enough, too old, not talented enough, or too much of a perfectionist.


Chasing vs. Claiming Your Worth

Posted on Dec 22, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

“Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”
Henry David Thoreau

According to, the word “chase” has many definitions all amounting to key words such as: to pursue in to order to seize, overtake; to capture or kill, as game; hunt; to follow or devote one’s attention to with the hope of attracting, winning, gaining; to drive or expel by force, threat, or harassment.

When you look-up claim via, you find definitions including: to demand by or as by virtue of a right; demand as a right or as due; to assert and demand the recognition of (a right, title, possession, etc.); assert one’s right to; to assert or maintain as a fact; to require as due or fitting.

To me, chasing sounds very aggressive and forceful. It also sounds less confident – very much like trying vs. having certainty that it will happen. It also sounds like lots of struggle and work and to me feels plain less than.


Chronic or Creative Discontent?

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.” ~Nido Qubein

After taking inventory of the past year and beyond in last week’s Note Worthy exercises, you most likely learned a great deal about what’s been happening in your life – some experiences you loved, and would love to experience more of, and some experiences you’d rather not repeat.

Now, after doing some past gazing, we’re going to do some presence gazing vs. jumping right into the future. The future is where most of us were/are taught that’s where things will get better – get the degree, then you’ll get a great job – get married then you’ll have kids, etc.

We’re taught that the future is the place where finally, you’ll realize your full potential and finally, become the you – you’re meant to become. This can become a trap however because we can fall into the consistent cycle of hoping and wishing for Someday – Someday When…


Re-Capturing A Lost Dream

Posted on May 12, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

I remember when I started out on the self-discovery journey years back – I didn’t even know I had a passion or a dream.

Honestly, I was so burnt-out and disillusioned with working myself into a ‘wall of success’ all I dreamed of doing was selling all my stuff, moving across the country, and running away from it ‘all’!

Fast forward many years later and I still (sometimes) have visions of running away from it all – and experiencing my own version of Eat, Pray, Love.

Yet, those visions aren’t as frequent because I don’t feel so desperate for such a big change to happen.

What shifted is, I have a much, much stronger and deeper relationship with my Self.

I stopped trying to run away from what I didn’t like and made the commitment to face what was in front of me, right where I was.

I also realized that no matter how far away you run, or how many dreams you chase – in the end – you can’t run away from yourself and any discontent, anxiety and void that you feel on the inside.

You need to face it, head-on. And, the beautiful thing is – there are major gifts to be gained when you do!

I jokingly said to a friend the other day on the phone: “No matter where you go, there you are! You can’t even go to the bathroom without yourself ;)”


Power of A Vision

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

“Having a vision for your life allows you to live out of hope, rather than out of your fears.” ~ Stedman Graham

Lately I’ve been finding myself talking more and more about the fact that having clarity on what it is that you really, really want, is extremely underrated.

It’s interesting to see the resistance that crops up when I encourage clients to start with the end in mind – to step back, take some time out, and get clear on what it is that they would really like to see happen – BEFORE we begin to put the action pieces in place.

At first glance, I used to think that the resistance that folks have to the visioning process had to do with them just wanting to get started with the action pieces because they value feeling productive above anything else.

And even though the need to feel productive still tends to trump the creative process of visioning, I’ve found another reason folks resist the visioning process – and this reason boils down to plain ol’ FEAR & Self-Doubt