Your Worth DNA: Trying To Measure Up

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” ~Orison Swett Marden

Growing-up, I was the youngest of four. I have two older brothers and an older sister. Loop in two parents, countless teachers, and friends’ parents and you have a Universe of authority figures telling me what’s right, what’s not right and how i *should* be.

Throughout my own growth journey, I’ve done a ton of work around the external influences and the authority figures who, were most likely very well meaning, but harsh and oftentimes cruel.

I’ve come to peace with those influeces and seen the tremendous learnings and growth that existed in those relationships.

Yet, just in the last couple years, have I had the courage (and endurance) to go back into my family history and delve into my most intimate relationships. It’s there that I’ve begun to really delve into and extract my most important healing – and identify what I consider to be my “WORTH DNA”.

Worth DNA to me is those belief systems that weren’t given to you by others – they actually are the belief systems that you’ve held in your consciousness for lifetimes – these are areas that are entrenched in your identity that they are purposefully “put there” so you forget your True Self – and then choose lifetimes to remember who you really are.

Interesting set-up huh?

This view of your life and history provides tremendous healing because, as easy as it is to go into a victim mentality and begin to think about all the times you were treated wrongly, teased, etc. – you can know the TRUTH – those souls chose to be your mirrors – they chose to reflect back to you “your stuff” so you could heal and continue to evolve into Truth – into your True Self.

Take for example this image that I when I think back about growing up in my own family dynamic. What I see is a series of measuring sticks – everywhere I look – a measuring stick is there. I picture them being on the walls of the house, on mirrors, and of course, there are in each of my family members’ hands.

In this dynamic, my sense of self is constantly fluctuating and I’m constantly being evaluted based on the standards of others – family and society – on what is what is good enough.

Can you relate?

If you can, realize that if you’ve been stuck, and have no idea what’s keeping you stuck, that these types of blocks are so deep and so integrated that they truly are your “WORTH DNA”

Again, we can all be grateful though – because these belief systems weren’t necessarily installed in you by your family and society. You actually agreed that these would be the areas that you’d work through in this lifetime – and again, chose the souls who’d mirror them back to you.

To learn more about this concept and to begin to view things in a new, Truthful Light, check-out the Worthy Work below where we dive a bit deeper.



To begin this view of healing, simply take some inventory of the people in your life who you’ve been closest to. Then, with all the self-honesty you can muster, evaluate what these souls have mirrored back to you during your life.

Your mother, father, siblings, and other family members are key examples of the souls you chose to be closest to you when you were your most vulnerable.

What was their view of you?

How did they treat you?

What did they (and do they still) reflect back to you in terms of your own worth in this world?

Then, just consider and contemplate that you agreed for them to be your mirrors. You asked them to play a very intimate part in your life play to show you your most deeply ingrained “stuff” so you could see it, feel it, and heal it.

Do you have a different view and appreciation for your biggest challengers now?

More on this in the coming weeks…


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