The Exhaustion of Trying To Be Good Enough

Posted on Mar 16, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.” ~Unknown

It never ceases to amaze me how much each week provides themes that clients are going through and that I go through in my own life as well.

This week’s theme was something that you may have been feeling as well which is: The Exhaustion of Trying to Be Good Enough.

This is almost always an unconscious thing – but the symptoms show-up in the way that you feel heavy, bogged down and tired.

For example, when you have a vision or a dream – and yearn for something different than what you’ve experienced to date – just the mere thought of trying to make this happen – leaves you feeling absolutely exhausted.

A familiar voice in your head will no doubt crop-up telling “Don’t even bother trying because you’ll never measure up anyway.”

Or, the voice may scream, “How the heck are you going to make that happen – it is impossible! Where will you get the money, the resources or the contacts for that??!!”

The key thing to know is: this voice, even as mean as it can get, is in its own weird little way – trying to protect you and trying to keep you safe. Also, ask yourself: by whose standards are you trying to live-up to? And who are you trying to prove to that you are enough?

Resistance is normal when you’re yearning to make changes. Your critical voice will pull out all the stops to stop you from taking action – and do it’s best to convince you that you’re not enough, you’ll never be enough – so don’t bother trying.

However, the Truth is: your soul doesn’t need protection – you are already enough – and you are protected by your Divine Being – and True Self.

Also, in terms of making this vision happen – well, this isn’t your sole responsibility – it’s your soul’s responsibility.

Yes, of course there are actions you need to take that are in-line with the guidance you’re receiving – but your main job is to open up to your innate worthiness and allow your circumstances to change – not the other way around – where you feel like you have to make them change through your own sheer will.

To help take this topic a step further and help you to feel energized vs. exhausted when contemplating a new circumstance/vision, check-out the Worthy Work below.



Consider this: we’ve been taught that our value comes from what we do not who we are. For example, take work – typically – if you do a good job you may feel a high sense of value/self-worth – but if your work isn’t recognized or you don’t feel valued – your self-worth may feel as if it goes down.

The key thing to know is – self-esteem is based on what you do, what you achieve and what you can produce. Your self-worth never changes – it’s based on your own innate knowing of who you really are, where you really came from (your spiritual roots) and how unconditionally loved you are regardless of what you do or achieve. Click Here to read an article expands on this a bit more.

To help you make some shifts and not feel so 100% responsible for making things happen, ask yourself: Who am I being each day? Do I value who I am – or am I placing value (like society does) on what I do and have? Do I feel like my being is enough – or do I feel like I need to make-up or prove something in order to get what I want?

I believe that “doing” gets valued because it feels more tangible – and “being”: is perceived as intangible. Yet, consider that the opposite is true. Think about how amazing you feel in someone’s presence that is being vs. doing. Don’t you feel valued when you’re being listened to and feel as if someone is totally present with you?

Being has tremendous value – it’s transformative – and we must start to really see it and value it – and then I believe society will shift along with our new perceptions.

This week simply contemplate how you value yourself and if you’re aligned with your innate worth which never changes – or if you’re judging and basing your “goodness” and worthiness on what you do vs. who you are.

Then, ask yourself – who I do need to continue to become in order to step into this vision? What areas within myself do I need to open to – and receive from my True Self in order to accept my innate worth?

Have a great week contemplating & receiving your worthy answers!


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