Hitting Your Worth Pay Dirt!

Posted on Feb 23, 2015 | by Brenda Stanton

“Take the worthiness that is yours and let the fairies of the Universe assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself and live happily ever after.” ~Abraham Hicks

Have you ever considered that thinking negatively or feeling sad, lonely, discontented, or just feeling unfulfilled in your life – has become not only a habit, but a way of life?

You may not realize that these emotions are there because you are most likely someone who does her/his best to stay positive, work on yourself, and try to be your best each and every day.

You affirm positivity – and think “good” thoughts – yet your deepest desires for what you really, really, really desire and want continue to elude you.

Why would this be?

Why, when you’ve been able to manifest easily in other areas of your life – or manifest exactly what you need, at exactly the right time – do other areas that have plagued you for years – still elude you?

Well, consider this great news! There is a deeper level of worthiness and TRUTH for you to discover – yay!

Seriously, when you get to a point where you feel ready to go into the areas of your life where you know this isn’t just about your own worthiness challenges – but there are generations of worth issues floating around in your consciousness – consider yourself blessed – you’ve hit worthiness pay dirt!

To help you to start digging and discover your own worthiness pay dirt, check-out the Worthy Work below so you can start your digging to get to TRUTH.



You’ve most likely heard the term “left holding the bag” – where we are, according to the internet’s translation, “left with an unwelcome responsibility, typically without warning”. Well, consider this – you may be holding onto a bag of worth issues that truly aren’t yours:

When you have the courage to go to another level of unveiling the Truth about who you really are – you begin to discover how easily we are all influenced by our early beginnings.

And, If you’re anything like me – sensitive and empathic – you most likely take on other people’s stuff so you can unconsciously relieve them of suffering.

What if your lineage is full of people who believed that they needed to suffer in order to earn goodness (a.k.a. sense of worthiness)?

What if you learned and were influenced by people who believed that suffering is noble and makes you worthy?

What if those are all lies and untruths and your lifetime – your courageous soul – is the one to break that lineage of suffering for good?

This week, simply consider this one thought: How comfortable am I with accepting my goodness and feeling good – feeling really, really good – amazing, joyful in fact? How comfortable (or most likely uncomfortable) do I feel this?

More on this next week…until then, keep digging for your Worth pay dirt!


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