When Life Gives You Limes

Posted on Sep 8, 2014 | by Brenda Stanton

“When life gives you limes, make margaritas!” ~Brad Paisley

The above quote is from a great new country song “Limes” by Brad Paisley. The entire song is aimed at helping you to focus on the bright-side of life. You can listen and read the lyrics : here

One of the lyrics actually has a mistake – but I don’t believe in mistakes. Notice where Brad sings the lyric: “You look around and see all these people and think their life is perfect – ha – hardly…”. The video above states “pardon me” as if to think that it’s actually true – that looking around at other people’s lives and believing their perfect is true.

To quote Brad again, “Ha, hardly.”

Many everyday occurrences, including Facebook, can feed into this myth for sure – which is comparing yourself to others who seem to have “it” – it being life – all figured out.

What I’ve found is –that we often envy others who are thriving in areas that we struggle. And rather than believe they are more worthy or competent in this area, consideration should be given to that area just being a block in you – not a definition or reflection of your personal worth.

When you have a personal block that is holding you back from experiencing something that you really, really want and crave (and are envious that others are experiencing), the goal is to look at the part of you (not all of you!) that is fearful of actually experiencing what you truly desire.

Yes, fearful.

See, what we often don’t realize is – when we’re blocked and feel powerless to change a situation, we can try, try, try and try harder. And then, when it doesn’t change as much as you try, you can feel more hopeless and powerless.

Your goal at this moment – rather than go “out there” and try to change it with all your might – is to rather – go within and find the part of you that feels fearful, insecure and vulnerable.

The key thing to know is – the block isn’t all of you – it’s only a part of you.

This is so fundamentally important because when you’re blocked – and then see other people experiencing what you deeply desire – you can correlate that with your worth and that the Universe just isn’t giving you what you desire.

But the key is to go deeper and look at the part of you that fears whatever it is that you desire – and then begin to have some dialogue and connection with this part.

To start this dialogue and connection, check-out the Worthy Work below where I give you some things to consider and contemplate.



Take an area in your life that you have always felt blocked and wish to have a big breakthrough in. This area is most likely extremely important to you and part of your core values. Other areas of your life may thrive, yet this area continues to struggle.

Once you’ve identified this area, ask yourself what it is that you deeply desire to experience within it – be as detailed as you can.

Then, ask yourself, if there were a part of me that is fearful of having success, fulfillment, etc. in this area, what would this part be fearful of? Then, list 10 things that this part would be fearful of.

The important thing with this exercise is to listen within to what you feel – not what you think. Your logical mind is very smart and tries to figure everything out – but this block is at a deep emotional level.




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